Yeongdong Elementary School Do Eun-ki and Lee Garam, men and women 5-year 100m summit at Suwon Athletics Championships

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Do Eun-gi and Lee Gar-am (Yeongdong Elementary School토토사이트) ran side by side in the 100m male and female 5th graders at the 46th Suwon Superintendent of Education Award School Sports Club Festival Track and Field.

On the 27th, Do Eun-ki won the men’s 5th grade 100m finals ahead of Maximus (15.20) of the same team in the male elementary school 5th grade 100m final, which was held at the Suwon Sports Complex on the 27th, and Lee Garam, the female elementary school 5th grade 100m, 15.50m. With a record of , she won the gold medal easily beating Woo Ji-hee (Cheonilcho, 15.87 seconds).

In addition, Park Yoon-seung (Yeongdong Elementary School) in the 6th year male 100m finished first with a time of 13.11 seconds, and Kim Min-seo (Sohwacho) in the 6th year female 100m also won the championship with a time of 15.06 seconds.

Jo Joo-hyung (Gukseoncho) jumped 3m56 in the men’s 5th grade long jump and took first place, while women’s 6th grade 800m Jin Joo-eun (Jeongcheoncho) and 6th grader Jung Hee-do (Jeongcheoncho) also dominated with a time of 2:44:57. hugged

Meanwhile, Kim Hyeon-woong (Suseong Middle School) took first place with a good record of 52.45 seconds in the men’s 3-year 400m, and Kim Yeo-jin (Hwahong Middle School) and Jang Han-byeol (Yeongbok Girls’ Middle School) in the 2-year 400m also finished in 14 seconds, 11 seconds and 1 minute, respectively. He ran a golden run in 16 seconds and 84 seconds.

In addition, Lee Kang-chan (Yeongdong Elementary School) won the gold medal in the men’s 5th year 800m event with a time of 3:00F, and Park Joo-hyun (Cho Won-cho) jumped 4m34 in the men’s 6th year long jump to reach the top.


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