“Would you suddenly become sexless in your 60s?” Confession of 4 women

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The combination of the two materials, aging and femininity, has become a unique box office code. The play “20th Century Blues,” which depicts a day in the life of four girlfriends in their 60s, sold out every day and became a hot topic in the performance world.
From the 30th of last month to the 17th, it is being premiered in Korea at ‘Space 111’ (99 seats) at the Doosan Art Center in Seoul. It is unusual for a play depicting the ordinary daily lives of elderly women who are neither devoted mothers nor protagonists of twilight romances to be performed.
Interpark ticketing audience rating is 9.8 (out of 10). “It’s warm and healthy” and “Maybe it’s my story”, along with sympathy, have many reviews that reflect famous lines in the play. “To me먹튀검증, you guys are the timetable of history. You guys are rock ‘n’ roll, you’re a spaceship launcher, you’re civil rights. You guys are the people in the decades-long history of the most profound changes.”
The original is a 2018 play of the same name by American educator and playwright Susan Miller (79). As her work intended to show, “When a woman turns 60, she does not suddenly become sexless, lose her attractiveness, or become invisible,” she highlights the daily lives of women of the same age who were born in the 1950s and have passed through the times. did.

“To me you guys are rock ‘n’ roll, spaceship launch”Photographer Danny (Woo Mi-hwa), a single mother in her 60s, decides to display photos of her friends for the past 40 years in a personal retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but the friends she meets at the annual meeting do not readily agree to a photo exhibition that will recall their past. can not do it. Danny takes care of his 91-year-old mother with dementia (Lee Joo-sil), Gaby (Lee Ji-hyeon), a doctor who lives in Boston with her husband and runs a veterinary clinic, Mac (Park Myung-shin and Kang Myung-ju), a well-known newspaper reporter and a black lesbian, and Real Estate Agent Sil (Sung Yeo-jin), who are living apart. … . The story of four people who were born in the frenzy of American anti-communism in the 1950s, who jumped into the anti-war movement in the 1970s, and the black, women, and queer human rights movement, and met in a detention center in their 20s, lived in love and struggled in the turbulence of the times.

Light daily conversations such as plastic surgery, diet, dating apps and condoms, and real estate investment spread to serious concerns such as appearanceism, discrimination against women and the elderly, breast cancer, sexual minority issues, and the declining print media. You can also see the fear of the age when death is near. Gabby, who frequently encounters the death of a companion animal, fears that she has reached an age where it will not be strange if her lifelong companion, her husband, suddenly passes away. This personal life is intertwined like the weft and warp with contemporary experiences, completing another portrait that records the present of the four people.

A spirit of the times that transcends differences in race, circumstances, and gender identity

Park Jin-bin, a professor of history at Kyung Hee University who has studied American society, said, “Despite different races, family circumstances, and gender identities, we were able to remain friends for a long time because the ups and downs of their lives overlapped with the demands of the times.” In the wake of activist Betty Friedan’s book, The Mystery of Femininity, the unspeakable agony of women who were blocked from self-fulfillment in society, trapped in the myth of an ideal family life (dichotomous gender roles), has burst into public debate. It explained the background of the main characters in their 20s.
Miller’s original work was born in the recent artistic trend to look back on the history of these women. The New York Times said at the time of the local performance in the United States, “This play was inspired by ‘ The Brown Sisters : Forty Years ,’ a portrait of Nicholas Nixon’s wife and sisters accumulated over the years, which was exhibited by the Museum of Modern Art in 2014. ”he also pointed out.This play, which is in its 10th year, was planned by the Doosan Humanities Theater, hosted by the Doosan Art Center, under the theme of ‘Age, Generation, and Era’ this year. With works depicting the underprivileged, such as ‘Mouthpiece’ and ‘Sweet Song’, director Bu Saerom, who won the 2013 Seoul Theater Festival’s Young Play Award and Performance and Theory Award, was in charge of embellishment and directing. He said, “Since it is the premiere, I tried to introduce the original American original without changing the historical and social background. It was nice to see a work that tells the story of women in their 60s,” he said. I listen to a lot of reviews. I expect female protagonists of more diverse ages to be born amid the increasing trend of female narratives.”


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