‘World’s No. 1 annual salary manager, La Liga symbolic leader’… The ‘Lee Kang-in’ he desperately wants

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Diego Simeone, manager of Atletico Madrid 토토사이트(ATM). He is one of the world’s greatest commanders.

He has been coaching for a whopping 12 years after taking the ATM baton in 2011. The Spanish Primera Liga is dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona. However, the only opponent that could threaten this Yanggang system was ATM.

ATM, led by coach Simeone, has won two La Liga championships, one Cope del Rey (Spanish King’s Cup) championship, and two UEFA Europa League championships. In addition, it has been reborn as a representative powerhouse in Europe beyond La Liga, such as being runner-up in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) twice.

So Simeone can be said to be a ‘symbolic’ manager in La Liga, where Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane left.

Coach Simeone like this has risen to the top of the world soccer coach salary. According to the data recently released by France’s ‘L’Equipe’, the overwhelming first place in managerial salary was Simeone, who received a weekly wage of 573,966 pounds (923 million won).

Guardiola pushed Manchester City manager to second place. Guardiola is second with £379,263 (610 million won) a week, and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is third with £302,194 (490 million won).

In the professional world, salary equals skill. Director Simeone was recognized for that skill. There is a player who desperately wants to recruit a master who boasts the best skills in the world. This is Lee Kang-in (Mallorca).

ATM’s desire for Lee Kang-in was also confirmed in the transfer market last winter. However, another part has been added to the ATM transfer rumors that have recently erupted again. All the local media reported that the biggest influence in ATM’s recruitment of Lee Kang-in was the will of manager Simeone.

In other words, the world’s best master recognized Lee Kang-in’s ability. Where is such a sure guarantee?

Spain’s ‘Estadio Deportivo’ also said, “Lee Kang-in has grown into a top player in La Liga in Mallorca. ATM wants Lee Kang-in. Recruiting Lee Kang-in is one of ATM’s biggest wishes. ATM is actively promoting Lee Kang-in’s recruitment. Director Simeone himself.”

There are rumors of Lee Kang-in transferring to Aston Villa, Newcastle, and Tottenham, but the biggest difference between these teams and ATM is also the manager. ATM is the only team that the coach is promoting direct recruitment. As such, the transfer theory that draws the most attention is inevitably the ATM transfer theory.


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