Women’s Baduk League and 3 mercenaries

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The 2023 NH Nonghyup Bank Korean Women’s Baduk League will finish round 5 of the 14 rounds of the regular season and round 6 this week. There are three foreign mercenaries here, and the stimulation and influence they give to the league exceeds expectations.

Last year’s winning team in the Women’s Baduk League was Seogwipo Chilsimni. This year, Seogwipo was again in first place thanks to the winning streak of No. 1 Cho Seung-ah and housewife driver Lee Min-jin, but was beaten by the Buan Saemangeum Jamboree team in the 5th round last year. It was decisive that the Japanese mercenary Fujisawa Rina of Buan defeated Cho Seung-ah, the captain of Seogwipo.

Rina Fujisawa, born in 1998, is the granddaughter of the late Shuko Fujisawa, 9th Dan. While indulging in her drinking and horse racing, Shuko, the ‘monster knight’, dominated an era by winning Japan’s largest title, the Kiseongjeon, one after another. Rina Fujisawa, who seems to have inherited her blood, is also winning three consecutive Japanese women’s rooms. In the Baduk League, they currently have 3 wins out of 3 matches. However, I have not yet met the 9th dan Choi Jeong, who is quietly yearning for it.

Fujisawa says, “I love Korea so much, and I’m very happy to be back after a long time since the coronavirus.” Buan team coach Kim Hyo-jeong said, “I am so familiar with Korea that I went shopping alone in Myeong-dong. As a team, I am very grateful.”

Sumire Nakamura was born in Osaka in 2009 and came to study Go at the age of 8 at Han Jong-jin’s dojo in Seoul. She Sumire became a professional knight in 2019 with the Japanese origin “Special Recruitment for Gifted Talents”. The Japanese media was also thrilled, and the youngest 13-year-old woman in history was born. And she came back to Seoul this year as a mercenary for the Suncheonman National Garden team in the Women’s Go League.

“I’m glad you invited me to the team. Sumire says, “She loves Korean food.” A cute little girl holding her mother’s hand and going to and from Wangsimni Korea Kiwon and Dojang is good in her eyes, but she is already a lady. She won 2 and lost 1 in her 3 appearances in the Women’s League. She became a formidable force. But for Sumire, this is just the beginning. She has to meet many strong people, train them, and overcome them. In particular, she must overcome Korea’s Kim Eun-ji and China’s Wu Yi-ming to become the world’s best that Japan expects in the future. As for Sumire, she is participating not only in the Korean League, but also in the Chinese Women’s Gap Zori League.안전놀이터

Wu Yi-ming, 5th Dan, was born in 2006 and is called the ‘Little Witch’ in the Chinese Go world. When she was 4 she was so mischievous and playful that she taught her to play Go and she hit it. When she was 11 years old, she became the youngest female professional player in China. In this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games representative selection match, she passed the gate in second place following Yu Zhiying in first place. Among the participating players, she had the lowest ranking, but her growth rate was so fast.

Wu Yi-ming is the only Chinese player to participate in the Korean Women’s League. She belongs to Bukwang Pharmaceutical in Seoul, and she is cruising with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss so far. Wu Yiming is focusing all her attention on the Hangzhou Asian Games.

“Hangzhou is my home. As the Asian Games are held right in front of my house, I really want to win a gold medal for China and Hangzhou. I’ve played with Choi Jeong-unnie in the past, but there was a big difference. If we meet at the Asian Games, I want to leave them better.”

The reason why Wu Yi-ming came to Seoul was probably to learn Korean baduk and prepare for the Asian Games. The existence of Choi Jung has already gone too far. Rather than that, he must have been more curious about the existence of Kim Eun-ji, who had to face countless times in the future. Kim Eun-ji is the captain of the Yeosu Island Expo team in the women’s league. After 10 matches not long ago, the stage where Choi Jeong was defeated for the first time was also in the women’s league. (Kim Eun-ji, who has grown significantly, starts 6th in the two finals with Choi Jeong 9th from today (16th))

Choi Jeong and Kim Eun-ji, three mercenaries watching over them, and the future leading to Kim Eun-ji-Wuiming-Sumire. The women’s baduk of the day is revealed little by little along with the women’s league.


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