Winning opportunity open to all, female midfield ④

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 The chance to win is open to everyone.

The second tournament of the season, the 48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship, will open on the 4th at three stadiums, including Yeonggwang Sportium in Jeollanam-do.

Schools that were unable to participate in the Spring League match and injured players joined in, foretelling a fiercer competition than any other competition before the start, and attention is focused on who will be the team that will face the first championship of the season.

A total of 12 teams will participate in the women’s middle division안전놀이터, which will be divided into three groups of four teams to play the group stage and then go through the final tournament to determine the winner of the championship trophy.

First, Group A was occupied by Bongui Middle School and Suwon Jeil Middle School, which had already faced each other once, and Cheongju Girls’ Middle School and Masan Girls’ Middle School were also prepared to participate in the first official tournament of the season.

Bongui Middle School, which succeeded in winning the prize in the Spring Federation Championships, will want a high score again this time, and I wonder if Suwon Jeil Middle School will be able to wash away the pain of being eliminated in the first round of the season.

It is evaluated that Cheongju Girls’ Middle School and Masan Girls’ Middle School, whose powers have not been disclosed yet, can also look forward to advancing to the finals. However, the key will be how much performance comes out on the court.

In Group B, Dongju Girls’ Middle School, which is slightly ahead in terms of objective power, will take first place in the group. Dongju Girls’ Middle School, which was unable to exert 100% of its power due to injuries prior to the Spring League Match, made a complete team in this tournament.

It is expected that Jeonju Middle School, Yeonam Middle School, and Hyosung Middle School will fight for the one remaining ticket. Since all three teams are in their first tournament of the season, their joys and sorrows will be mixed depending on how much they show their skills that they have honed in the real world.

With teams of similar strength, it is worth aiming for anyone to advance to the finals. 

Finally, in Group C, the winning candidates gathered together. Onyang Girls’ Middle School and Cheongsol Middle School, who faced each other in the semi-finals of the Spring League Championship, will face off from the preliminaries.

Onyang Girls’ Middle School, who stayed in runner-up in the first tournament of the season, is re-challenging to reach the top with its unique organizational skills, and Cheongsol Middle School is also determined to avenge the previous defeat.

Seonil Girls’ Middle School, which has excellent heights, is also waiting for the opening of the competition with a heart of pride. In the Spring League match, the finalists were thwarted, but they are not easy opponents, so they will not collapse easily. Unlike them, the performance of Wolpyeong Middle School, which will be revealed for the first time this year, can be confirmed through this competition.


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