“Why do you even pack someone else’s lunch box?” I heard a voice

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“Is it wrong for you to pack lunch for your husband’s friend who helped you with work?”

When he told his wife, “Why do you pack lunch for someone else’s husband?” after packing a lunch for her husband’s friend who was coming to help with work, netizens debated the story토토사이트.

On the 12th, an article was posted on an online community with the title “Isn’t it okay to pack lunch for my husband’s friend?”

A, who moved to a rural area with her husband and is farming, confided that she had recently heard absurd words from her husband’s friend’s wife.

Mr. A opened his mouth, saying, “I am farming after returning to the farm, and I sometimes pack a lunch box to cheer up my struggling husband.” He continued, “Sometimes my husband’s friend gets paid and comes to help with the work, and then I packed two lunch boxes and sent them to my husband’s friend.”

Then, after a while, Mr. A received a call from his husband’s friend’s wife, Mr. B. Mr. B said, “We had a fight over the lunch box.

Mr. A said, “I usually start work at dawn. I packed only my husband and sent it, so I sent my friends too,” he said.

In the community, there were more opinions expressing sympathy for Mr. A.Netizens who heard the story commented, “It’s only natural that workers take care of their meals while working,” “Shouldn’t I rather be thankful that they even made lunch boxes for me?” A variety of reactions emerged.Another netizen said, “This is a lunchbox debate. Being married, I don’t understand. He also mentioned the so-called ‘sesame leaf controversy’, saying, “It is a measure of how far you can understand the behavior of acquaintances of the opposite sex.”The sesame leaf controversy is a question about whether it is acceptable for a lover to tear off sesame leaves with chopsticks for a friend of the opposite sex to eat.The simple disagreement that started with the story of Noh Sa-yeon and Lee Moo-song became an internet meme under the name of ‘argument’.The problem is that this debate has become a subject of conflict as many people have started to attach grounds to the opinions of both sides of ‘take the sesame leaves’ and ‘no’.Recently , 

the MZ generation learns each other’s values ​​and personalities through conversations on topics that may differ from person to person, such as the sesame leaf debate.Questions in the same context include the ‘shrimp shell debate’ about whether it is okay to peel off the shrimp shell of a friend of the opposite sex, and the ‘long padding argument’ about whether it is okay to lift the zipper on a friend of the opposite sex’s long padding. This story seems to spread into a ‘lunch box debate’ asking if it is okay to pack a lunch for her husband’s friend.


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