Wearing a school uniform and posing in a suggestive way… AI model lookbook degenerated into ‘savage’

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“Girlfriend raising a skirt on the street at night” and “Just a shirt”

are flooding YouTube with titles that sound like pornography. The only difference from previous videos is that virtual models made with generative AI (artificial intelligence) appear as the main characters. As such, mass-produced lookbooks using AI are appearing in large numbers on YouTube. Some videos may even violate the Child and Youth Protection Act, but they are not caught by YouTube’s own filtering.

On the 19th, if you search for ‘AI lookbook’ or ‘AI model lookbook’ on YouTube , you will see a number of videos in which several scenes of virtual humans wearing clothes created by generative AI are put together토토사이트. However, these videos are far from a typical lookbook. The meaning of lookbook

originally used in the fashion industry is a photo book or video that collects various wearing shots of a model to show various clothes. Recently, as some YouTubers upload videos of changing clothes, there are many cases in which the state of underwear is exposed in the middle, raising controversy over sensationalism. The AI ​​model lookbook is likely to accelerate this sensationalism controversy. Unlike lookbook production, which requires real models and shooting equipment, generative AI

We are mass-producing photos and videos using only tools. In this process, sensational situation settings, costumes, and poses are applied. In some videos, AI models are dressed in school uniforms to make them look like minors.

These videos are far from the ‘lookbook’ that was created to share fashion styles in the first place. There are also observations that mass-produced AI lookbooks or similarly suggestive videos will occupy a significant portion of YouTube videos in the near future.

The act of creating and uploading an AI lookbook itself is less likely to be a legal problem. Shin Min- young , representative lawyer of Ho-Am Law Firm , said, “There is nothing to be regulated about human models wearing sensational clothes or what AI models show. ” can,” he said. However, he said, ” If the AI ​​model looks like a child, it can be regarded as child pornography.” Article 2, Paragraph 5 of the Child and Youth Protection Act defines child pornography as ‘a child or juvenile or a person or expression that can be recognized as a child or juvenile appears’. Even if a model that ‘looks’ as a minor is not simply a model of a minor, it is like being subject to crackdown.

YouTube also introduces a system that automatically filters out pornographic content, but it is not easy to filter out all child pornography inserted in the middle of a video. In addition, since YouTube is not a domestic business, there is no way to clear the distribution of pornography under domestic law.

An IT industry insider said, “YouTube has set up its own community guidelines and detects and deletes violating videos according to standards, but it seems to have limitations in responding to all mass-produced pornography.” “If YouTube had the will to eradicate pornography distribution, It is the right direction to invest more in related technologies and human resources.”


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