Washington Fires General Manager Shepard … Unseld Remains Manager

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The Washington Wizards sacked the head of the management team.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnalowski토토사이트, Washington has fired general manager Tommy Shepard.

Shepard’s relationship with Washington began in 2003 when he took over as vice president. With experience working in various positions in Washington, he was appointed as the successor general manager when Ernie Grunfield stepped down in April 2019.

But Washington hasn’t changed. He even cleared John Wall, but failed to recruit the star-level power to play with Bradley Beal. At least he brought in Kyle Kuzma through a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers, and sought a change by letting go of Rui Hachimura (Lakers), who had faltered after his first season. Davids Bertense (Dallas) brought in Chris Topps Por Genghis to reorganize the lineup.

Despite the change, Washington failed to advance to the playoffs this time as well. He showed potential by advancing to the playoffs in 2021, but he hasn’t shown much in the last two seasons. At the time, we decided not to join manager Scott Brooks, who was in the playoffs, and appointed Wes Unseld as manager. Washington only won a total of 70 wins in the regular season in the two seasons after Unseld took over.

I was sorry about Bill’s injury. Beal has only started 90 games in his last two seasons. He only played 50 games this season due to injury. He has never played more than 60 games since playing every game in the last two seasons, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. Furthermore, Washington signed a new contract with Bill last summer (five years, $251 million).

Eventually, Washington decided to revamp its management team. Although his performance improved slightly during the four seasons, he did not make any noticeable changes or leaps. As his successor, general manager Trajeon Langdon (New Orleans) and president Tim Connelly (Minnesota) are being discussed. Meanwhile, Washington decided to stick with manager Unseld. It has been confirmed that manager Unseld is supported by the owner.


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