VCSOFT Launches Golf ‘Hole-in-One’ Cost Assistance Service

Posted Posted onJuly 25, 2023 Comments0

VSCSoft, a comprehensive golf platform, announced today that it has launched an affordable hole-in-one subscription service for golf enthusiasts.

“For 2,000 won per month, users can enjoy the benefits of both field and screen golf courses,” said VSCSOFT.

After signing up for the service, if you make a hole-in-one in field golf and screen golf (when using Golf Zone Park), the service will compensate the cost of the hole-in-one up to a limit of KRW 100,000 for field golf and KRW 200,000 for screen golf.

If you sign up for the hole-in-one cost support service on the APL Golf app, you can additionally receive a monthly pass to APL Golf as well as a free insurance benefit with a limit of 1 million won in case of disability after an injury during leisure activities without any extra charge.

“Compared to products in the financial industry, we have simplified the process at a lower price,” said Shim Sang-il, CEO of VCSoft. “The APL Golf Hole-in-One Expense Support Service is designed to help golf enthusiasts enjoy the joy of a hole-in-one even more.”키톤벳


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