Upbit “Kim Nam-guk earns 1 billion, transfers 4 billion, reports 3 billion to FIU”

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From now on, we will deliver our exclusive news regarding the coin suspicion of independent member Kim Nam-guk. As a result of our coverage, it was confirmed that the prosecution found suspected criminal proceeds in Congressman Kim’s transaction history. As you know, this case started when Upbit, a virtual currency exchange, reported abnormal transactions to the authorities. The key is what the abnormal transaction was, and it turned out that Upbit reported to the FIU that it was strange that Congressman Kim had transferred much more money than he earned from the coin transaction . Prosecutors are suspicious of this very money.

The specific details were covered by reporter Han Song-won.토스카지노

What Upbit found most suspicious about Kim Nam-guk’s transactions was the part where 600,000 Wemix coins worth 4 billion won were transferred to another electronic wallet in one day at the end of January of last year.

I went from Bithumb to Upbit and then went out of Upbit to the wallet of a Kakao blockchain affiliate.

In this process, Upbit asked Rep. Kim to explain the source of the 4 billion won, and Rep. Kim is known to have explained that it was “money earned with BitTorrent coins.”

However, according to the transaction history at the time, the actual profit was about 1 billion won, but the coins that were moved were about 3 billion won, or about 4 billion won, which is a lot, and Upbit reported it to the FIU as an ‘abnormal transaction ‘ .

FIUProsecutors, who were notified of the suspicious circumstances of the crime, suspect that this 3 billion won is not for hiding illicit political funds or for money laundering.

In particular, the wallet of Kakao affiliates, where Congressman Kim transferred 4 billion won worth of coins through two stages, is in the form of a ‘personal wallet’ and is not controlled by exchanges such as Bitsum or Upbit.

I contacted Congressman Kim several times to hear his position on this, but he did not reach me.

This is Han Song-won from TV Chosun.


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