Typhoon ‘Mawar’ develops ‘super strong’ on Nov. 27…Korean Air to cancel some flights

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Korean Air (003490) has canceled flights to Guam due to the northern track of Typhoon MAWAR.

On April 22, Korean Air decided to cancel its Incheon-Guam flight KE423토토사이트, scheduled to operate on April 23, Incheon-Guam flight KE421, and Guam-Incheon flights KE422 and KE424.

Typhoon Mawar, which means “rose” in Bahasa Malaysia, originated on Nov. 20 at sea about 890 kilometers southeast of Guam and is heading northwest. Its intensity was upgraded to “strong” from “moderate” later in the day, and the Japan Meteorological Agency forecasts that it will develop into a “very strong” typhoon by the afternoon of Sept. 24 and a “super strong” typhoon by the afternoon of Sept. 27.

A typhoon’s super-strength rating is defined as maximum sustained winds of 54 m/s or higher, similar to Typhoon Hinamno, which made landfall on the Korean Peninsula last year.

The Japan Meteorological Agency expects Mawar to head toward the Philippines or eastern China, but the typhoon’s path is still in flux.


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