“Turning point in baseball life” 148km fastball → OPS 1.633 Lee Seung-yeop’s man writes reward myths

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“This is the turning point in my baseball life”.

Doosan Bears infielder Park Joon-young (26) is writing the myth of the compensation player. He was the first-round pick of the NC Dinos in 2016 as an ace with a fastball in the high 140s. He made the opening day roster and pitched out of the bullpen before undergoing elbow ligament surgery. He retired from pitching and was converted to an infielder, playing third base and shortstop.

He earned a spot on the first team but was never a starter. In the 2022 season, he dislocated his left shoulder and underwent surgery to repair the glenohumeral labrum and posterior humerus. During his rehabilitation, he was selected as a compensation player for Park Se-hyuk, who joined NC as a free agent for 4.6 billion won. He wore a Doosan jersey, which he was a fan of as a child.

After completing his rehabilitation, he started playing for the Futures in mid-May and became a full-fledged Doosan player. Then, on June 25, his power tool exploded, hitting four home runs in five games, and on July 7, he was called up by manager Lee Seung-yeop to the first team. No one expected the compensation player to be so hot.카지노

In the eighth inning of the Kiwoom game on July 7, he came in as a pinch-hitter and hit a two-run double for his first hit as a Doosan player. It set the stage for six runs. On the 8th (against Kiwoom), he started at third base and went hitless in three at-bats, but on the 9th (against Kiwoom), he had a hot bat with three hits, including a triple and a home run. If it wasn’t for the double, it would have been a cycling hit.

Doosan Bears infielder Park Jun-young./Provided by Doosan Bears

In the top of the seventh inning against SSG Incheon on Dec. 12, with runners on second and third and down 1-0, Park hit a two-run double down the left field line for his first career hit. He finished the day with four hits, all of which were doubles. With the emergence of a young fixer with clutch ability alongside his long bat, the team went on a nine-game winning streak.

He exploded in the first game of the second half against KIA on the 21st. His first and second at-bats against Mario Sanchez were foul balls, but in the top of the seventh inning with the bases loaded and a 2-1 lead, he battled Kia’s best pitcher, Choi Ji-min, for nine pitches before crushing a three-run triple to right-center field to seal a 5-2 victory. In her last three games, she’s been a 3-for-3, RBI, double, and triple workhorse, extending her hitting streak to 10 games.

He is 7-for-15 (.467) with one home run and eight RBIs. Six of his seven hits have gone for extra bases. He has a 1.633 OPS. Park said, “I didn’t expect to hit a lot of long balls. I wasn’t consciously trying to hit long balls, but I have a good feel and a good point, so I think I’m hitting them well and going far. I didn’t care about the multi-hit game for three consecutive games, I just tried to do my best at bat,” he explained.

Doosan Bears infielder Park Jun-young./Provided by Doosan Bears

Park’s move to Doosan as a compensatory player is a new chapter in his baseball career. Doosan got an infielder who can play shortstop and third base and has a long bat. “After I moved to Doosan, I thought differently. I thought it would be a turning point in my baseball career. The club selected me as a compensation player because they needed me, so it helped that I prepared with pride.”

He is also very satisfied with his life at Doosan. “The team is very well organized. I felt that I had no choice but to play baseball well. I feel that more intensely now that I’m in Doosan and I’m in the first team. I think I was able to play baseball with more strength because the seniors liked me as much as they did. I was a fan as a kid. I was a fan when I was a kid. I’m satisfied now,” he laughed.

Doosan Bears infielder Park Jun-young./Provided by Doosan Bears

“I don’t have any individual goals. I think the 10-game winning streak helped us tie the team record. I think I’ll be satisfied with that for today’s game. I’m a little bit anxious because it’s going so well. I don’t think the opportunities will keep coming because I’m playing well now. I just know that if the coach trusts me and puts me out there, I’ll do my best and give him a good show.”

When asked by the media if he could continue to do well, his answer was short and strong: “I have to make money.” It’s been a bumpy ride for the pitcher-turned-hitter, who has been moved around the league because he couldn’t establish himself as a starter. Still, he’s young and has a long road ahead of him. After self-hypnotizing himself as “the turning point of my life,” “Lee Seung-yeop’s man” began to write his success story.


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