Trudeau, ‘manner leg shooting in Korea’ is a hot topic overseas… Criticism of “disgrace”

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a commemorative photo with National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo to match height during his visit to Korea 토토사이트.

Prime Minister Trudeau, who visited Korea on the 16th to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Canada, met with Chairman Kim and the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties the next day before giving a speech at the main assembly hall of the National Assembly.

Later, in the process of posing for a commemorative photo with Chairman Kim, he spread his legs and lowered his posture. Laughter broke out among lawmakers present at the scene of Prime Minister Trudeau’s appearance.

The Guardian, a British daily, reported on the 19th (local time) that Chairman Kim lifted his toe while playing around with a 20 cm height difference with Prime Minister Trudeau, and Prime Minister Trudeau briefly bent down to match Chairman Kim’s height.

Canadian daily Toronto Star also introduced in an article titled ‘Why Prime Minister Trudeau did ‘Manner Bridge’ in Korea’ on the same day, “This posture popular among Korean celebrities is a sign of respect and is applied to tall people.” did.

Another Canadian media outlet, The National Post, reported this news under the title ‘Why Trudeau took a strange pose in Korea’. On SNS

such as Twitter, comments are spreading while linking to such reports. Some criticize it as ‘disrespectful’.

The Guardian reported that while several Korean media outlets praised Prime Minister Trudeau’s mannered legs as “a heart-warming scene” and “a caring heart,” some Canadians criticized him as “a disgrace to the country.”

Canadian conservative media ‘True North’ reported that “some Canadians have accused Prime Minister Trudeau of once again disgracing Canada abroad.”

Prime Minister Trudeau has drawn attention in the past for his greetings with foreign political leaders.

When he first shook hands with former US President Donald Trump in 2017, he grabbed former President Trump’s shoulder with his left hand to avoid being dragged away by him, making headlines.


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