“Tottenham became a laughing stock”… Former Tottenham manager’s ‘hard criticism’

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A person who ‘severely criticized’ appeared, saying that Tottenham of the English Premier League (EPL) has now become a ‘laughter’. He is Tim Sherwood, who directed Tottenham from 2013 to 2014.

Former manager Sherwood criticized “Tottenham has now become a laughing stock” through England’s ‘Talk Sports’.

Recently, Tottenham has suffered measles토토사이트. After much controversy, manager Antonio Conte has been sacked. In addition, Tottenham general manager Fabio Paratici has also been suspended.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) has expanded the scope of sanctions against Paratici from Italy to the rest of the world. Paratici was suspended for 30 months for allegedly tampering with the accounting books while at Juventus.

When the punishment was first imposed, it was only effective in Italy, so there was no problem with England activities. However, as FIFA expanded the scope of disciplinary action around the world, it became impossible to see Tottenham as the general manager.

Sherwood said: “Tottenham haven’t looked very good lately. I’m sure the fans are feeling a lot. Tottenham finished fourth last season and are fourth this year. But they still can’t lift a trophy. “The same teams are beating Tottenham. Tottenham need a fresh start to win and they need to sign new players.”

Regarding general manager Paratici, he said, “It is very, very poor to recruit general manager Paratici. In this situation, we cannot recruit not only players but also new coaches.

He then raised his voice, saying, “Tottenham should have thoroughly verified it before recruiting general manager Paratici. They should have known in advance that this would happen.”


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