Toddler hands over money, acquaintance flees France?…”left last month”

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According to the police, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department’s토토사이트 Drug Crime Investigation Unit issued an arrest warrant for YouTuber A, who fled the country after failing to comply with the investigation after being charged with violating the Controlled Substances Act, and asked Interpol to arrest him.

Mr. A was a witness in Mr. Yoo’s case, but he fled the country after failing to cooperate with police investigations and was converted to a suspect.

Some suspected that Mr. Yu had sent money to Mr. A through an acquaintance to help him escape. The police also found out that Mr. A left the country for France last month after receiving the money.

For this reason, the police believed that Mr. Yu might destroy evidence, so they applied for an arrest warrant, which was dismissed last month.

However, the police still need to confirm whether the funds sent to A were from Yoo.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yoo underwent a pretrial interrogation (warrant substantive examination) on March 24 by Deputy Chief Judge Lee Min-soo of the Seoul Central District Court, but the warrant was dismissed and he escaped detention. Police have charged 21 people, including Yoo, eight of his neighbors, including A, who was sent with him, and 12 medical personnel, including 10 doctors, with misuse of medical narcotics.

Earlier in the day, police sent Mr. Yoo to the prosecutor’s office on suspicion of administering more than seven types of drugs, a violation of the Narcotic Drugs Control Act.


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