“To spend 5,000 won on bubble tea… Get down!” A story of confusion in a beggar

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The beggars are easily accessible to anyone who wishes. If you search for ‘beggar’ in the KakaoTalk search box, hundreds of chat rooms appear.

There is one rule that applies equally to all beggars. It is to disclose their consumption history in the chat room.

For example, if you bought a lunch for 7,000 won먹튀검증, you can post “lunch at 7,000 won” in the chat room.

Other rules are freely set and operated for each room.

In my room, rules were set up such as ▲recording the cumulative amount next to the nickname ▲conscientiously spending in accordance with one’s budget for a month ▲excluding hospital expenses, communication expenses, transportation expenses, and housing expenses from the accumulated amount.

The rules of the beggar district where I belong. At the end of the month, the Beggar King Awards Ceremony is held.

Excluding the amount is the intention of not saving money on essential elements in life.

All other expenditures must be listed without omission.

I spent a lot of money on gifts for my family with my first paycheck. I asked, “Should filial piety be included in expenses?”

The firm answer came back, “of course”.

Thanks to this, I was confirmed as the ‘Beggar King of the Month’ even before the middle of May.

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You are free to leave a reply about the amount that other people have spent.

There was also a case where ‘overconsumption’ was caught when a participant sent a chat using a paid emoticon. Another participant gave one warning, saying, “Encourage purchase of emoticons.” In order to prevent the encouragement of paid emoticon consumption, only free emoticons should be used.

In addition to this, prickly yet playful advice continued, such as replying “You are a gift in itself” to the consumption history of buying a birthday present, or “There is a way to borrow it from the library” to the saying that you bought a book to copy.

At the end of the month, the first to third place beggar kings who spent the most money had to write a handwritten apology. The form is free, but the reason for the large expenditure must be disclosed.

Beggar fat, I asked if it actually helps to save… the answer?

When one participant uses an emoticon, another participant warns, saying, “Emoticon purchase inducement.”

So, did beggar fat actually help save money? I asked the ‘beggars’ belonging to the same beggar district.

When asked why they came to beggars in the first place, of course, the most common answer was ‘to save money’. There were also people like me who asked their friends to invite them because of rumors that it is a trend these days.

When asked if beggar fat actually helps save money, most of the answers were “yes”. Every time I spend, I had to disclose it in the chat room and I wrote down the accumulated amount next to my nickname, so I thought I shouldn’t use it anymore.

One participant replied, “Thanks to the beggar, I don’t buy one or two out of three times,” and said, “It’s really helpful.”

There are witty conversations, such as telling a participant who has been to a wine bar, “If you tell me about the wine bar, you get 0 won.”

Regarding the bitter gaze of the beggar trend, the participants responded, “You don’t have to think so depressed.”

It may have the purpose of saving money seriously, but it is said that it shares saving tips in life anonymously, and sometimes sublimates a little inconvenience into humor.

In fact, in a beggar area, “If I tell you the information there, I will give you 0 won”, “No matter how much you eat maratang, you don’t put meat?… 3,000 won added as a shame!” Such witty conversations often come and go. For some, it may be a game to catch both money and fun.


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