To see the home run king up close, “Buy it for 3.67 million won”, Yankees Opening Day Ticket Sparks

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This year, the ticket price for the New York Yankees opening game soared to $2,827 (about 3.67 million won).

The Yankees will play the opening game of the 2023 regular season against the San Francisco Giants at Yankee Stadium on March 31 at 2:05 am (Korean time).

The opening game on this day draws attention from two main aspects.토토사이트

One is that prestigious clubs from different leagues clash in the opening game. Major League Baseball has drastically overhauled its regular season system since this year, introducing a schedule in which all clubs play against each other at least once. Head-to-head matches with teams from the same district in the same league were greatly reduced, and interleague games were greatly expanded.

As a result, the Yankees in the American League East Division can meet San Francisco in the National League West Division in the opening game. Both teams will face each other in their opening three games this season.

The other one has to do with Aaron Judge. Judge went to the free agent market last winter and worked closely with the San Francisco club. When the free agent market opened after the World Series, Judge met directly with Hal Steinbrenner, owner of the Yankees, to negotiate.

Upon hearing the rough conditions, Judge immediately flew to San Francisco and was warmly received by club officials. CEO Larry Bear, President Paran Zaidi, and director Gabe Kapler were personally judged and ate together. Around that time, local media expected Judge to sign with his hometown team, San Francisco. Judge was born and raised in Lyndon, two hours from his home in San Francisco.

However, Judge eventually re-signed with the Yankees. San Francisco offered $360 million over 9 years and San Diego Padres offered $414 million over 14 years, respectively, but Judge kept his faith with Steinbrenner. Of course, this is because the Yankees raised the terms from $320 million over eight years to $360 million over nine years. Judge faces San Francisco in the first game of the season.

Tickets for Yankee Stadium, where this historic opening game will be held, are currently on sale. According to the online reservation site ‘Vivid Seats’, the highest ticket price as of today is $2,827. The location is right next to the first base Yankees dugout in the front row of headquarters. You can see the Yankees players up close, and you can observe the hitters in great detail, especially in the standby at-bat.


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