Three times in 20 minutes…’attempted sexual assault’ man in his 30s arrested

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A man in his 30s was caught by police in a Seoul residential neighborhood after attempting three sexual assaults in less than 20 minutes.

He attacked women on the street and entered a restaurant with his clothes off.

Reporter Lee Yoo-min reported.


Late at night, in a sparsely populated residential area.

A man walks through the neighborhood, looking around.

Moments later, a police car chases the man in the direction he disappeared먹튀검증.

The police were responding to a report that a man had attempted to grope a woman on the street and fled.

As it turns out, this man was the perpetrator of three sexual assaults reported within 20 minutes of each other.

The first crime was in an alleyway.

He attempted to sexually assault a woman by covering her mouth and knocking her down, but failed and fled.

After fleeing, the suspect molested another woman about 20 minutes away on foot.

He moved to the front of a storefront about a kilometer away, touched another woman’s body, and fled.

In the process, he took off all his clothes and entered a restaurant.

[Restaurant owner: “He came in naked and approached the lady (in the shop), screaming. I told him to get out, and (the suspect) went out and got dressed and walked out of here.”]

At the third location, a nearby store, the suspect was caught trying to sexually assault another woman.

The time between the three crimes was 20 minutes.

There were so many reports of sexual assault in such a short period of time that the police mistook each one for a different person.

[Police/voice modulation: “They kept coming in at (similar) times, so we went to the scene and took a picture of (the suspect) and radioed it out, and it turned out they were all by the same person.”]

Police applied for an arrest warrant for the man, charging him with aggravated rape, indecent assault, and attempted rape.


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