“This is ridiculous” $50 billion pool ‘flooded’…hundreds of millions more poured in

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The Aqua Dream Park in Jeonggwan토토사이트, Gijang-gun, Busan, which was closed two months after opening due to a flooded mechanical room, will resume operations after 10 months. It is the largest public indoor swimming pool in Korea, built with a budget of over 50 billion won. However, an audit by the National Audit Office is still underway to identify problems in the design and construction process.

Reopening on the 20th, free for military and civilians until the end of the month
Gijang-gun, Busan, announced on the 9th that it will resume operation of Jeonggwan Acua Dream Park, located in Gijang-eup, from the 20th. It is equipped with 27 lanes and health and leisure facilities, including an adult pool, on the 1st basement to 2nd floor (total area of 11,567㎡). It is a pilot project until the end of this month, during which no admission fee (2,000 won for adults and 1,000 won for minors) will be charged to residents of Gijang-gun.

Swimming pool inside Junggwan Aquadream Park. [Photo: Gijang-gun]

During his military career, Gijang-gun saw the need for a center for leisure activities as well as water and leisure education facilities such as survival swimming and promoted the construction of Jeonggwan Aquadream Park. However, when the Ministry of the Interior and Safety approved the project with the condition that ‘7 lanes must be reduced from the plan to receive 4.9 billion won,’ he abandoned the project and decided to build it entirely with military funds. It was built without reducing the scale and completed in June last year. A budget of 52.4 billion won was spent, which is a significant amount compared to Gijang-gun’s annual salary (816.4 billion won).

Why ‘machine room flooded’ just two months after opening
However, in August last year, two months after its opening, it was closed indefinitely. The reason was that the mechanical and electrical rooms were flooded, making it impossible to operate the facility. An external service organized by Gijang-gun to find the cause of the flooding pointed to problems such as water overflow from the balancing tank in the mechanical room and water leakage from the infant pool.

Gijang-gun, Busan, holds a briefing session for residents regarding the indefinite closure of Junggwan Aquadream Park on Jan. 17. [Photo by Gijang-gun]

In particular, Gijang-gun found that the overflow of water from the balancing tank located inside the machine room had a direct impact. The balancing tank is a facility that collects and purifies water that flows in and out of the pool tank, including adult and infant pools, and circulates the water throughout the pool. The switch that controls the water level in the balancing tank was not working properly, causing more water to flow through the tank than it could hold, leading to the flooding of the mechanical room, according to Mr. Kijangun. The mechanical room has a water storage tank in case of flooding and a sump pump to drain the water, but it was also found that it was not working properly.

In January, Gijang-gun held a briefing session for residents to explain the cause of the flooding and said, “We identified more than 60 problems (through external services). The damage amounted to 257 million won,” and said, “We will normalize all facilities, including the swimming pool, by the end of May.” However, after the briefing session, additional problems were revealed and the reopening was delayed by about a month. An additional 400 million won was spent on renovations.

Military scandals? Audit is underway

On January 13, the Gijang County Council held a press conference to call for an audit of the indefinite closure of Junggwan Aquadream Park. [Photo by Gijang County Council]
The Gijang County Council has requested an audit from the National Audit Office after the facility, which cost tens of billions of won to build, was suspended for a bizarre reason. The council claims that the problems occurred because its predecessor, Oh Kyu-seok, rushed to open Jeonggwan Aquadream Park before his term ended. The National Audit Office has been auditing Gijang-gun since January. “We plan to take measures such as punishing those responsible based on the audit results,” said a Gijang-gun official, “and we are also considering claims for damages against design and construction companies.”


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