“There were female hostesses in the room”…WBC team accused of drinking on eve of tournament

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Allegations that some members of the Korean National Baseball Team competing in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) consumed alcohol at a room salon during the tournament are causing a stir토토사이트. The KBO is taking a strict stance against the allegations.

“Regarding the suspicion of late-night drinking by WBC national team players, an emergency meeting was held this morning with President Heo Gu-yeon, Secretary General Ryu Dae-hwan, and representatives of relevant departments,” the KBO said on 31 March. “As a result, each player was given a statement of inquiry and the facts were clearly identified to discuss subsequent actions.”

If the players are found to have acted in violation of the national rules, the KBO will hold a penalty committee to consider disciplinary action. The National Team Operating Regulations do not contain any penalties for drinking alcohol, but they do state that players must “protect the honour and dignity of the national team during the national team call-up. Article 13, paragraph 3, also states that a disciplinary committee may be held for those who cause social disorder.

The controversy began with a revelation by the YouTube channel “Sailor” on the 30th. The channel claimed that “professional baseball players who competed in the WBC drank all night in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan, where the first round of the tournament was held in March.” The New Daily then reported that “some pitchers drank from the night before the first game, against Australia on 9 March, until the early hours of game day. On the night of the 10th against Japan, they drank until dawn the next day.”

While detailing the positions of the players involved, the report also mentions a nightclub with a female clientele as a drinking venue. According to the report, a high-end room salon in Akasaka, Tokyo, was the venue for the drinking.

The KBO conducted fact-finding through each club individually, during which some players reportedly admitted to drinking during the tournament. However, they denied when (the day before and the day of the game) and where (the rooming house) they drank.

The Korean baseball team made an early exit from the first round of the WBC in March, finishing third in Group B with two wins and two losses. They lost 7-8 against Australia, who were considered the underdogs, and were thrashed 4-13 against top-ranked Japan. They went on to beat the Czech Republic and China, two of the tournament’s weakest teams, but failed to progress to the second round and suffered their third consecutive WBC first-round exit after 2013 and 2017.


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