“There was no malice,” the head of the Spanish Athletes Association, who bowed his head, apologized for the controversy over the forced kiss of a female player

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Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, eventually apologized after controversy arose over kissing a player from the Spanish women’s national team.

President Rubiales appeared in a video sent to the media by the Football Federation and said, “There is a fact that I have to regret. It happened between me and the player. I was wrong. There was no bad intention. “We thought it was normal, but there was a commotion in Park. We apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable because of this. There is no other option.”

President Rubiales held onto the face of Spanish striker Jenny Hermoso and kissed her at the medal ceremony after the Spanish women’s national soccer team defeated England to win the Women’s World Cup on the 20th. As Hermoso expressed his displeasure by saying, “It wasn’t very good,” through Instagram Live, President Rubiales himself thought it was no big deal, but the controversy over sexual violence spread in waves. Not only journalists and fans, but also government officials took the lead in demanding a public apology, calling it “unacceptable behavior”.메이저놀이터

In the end, President Rubiales bowed his head in public. “As president of an important institution, he has learned to be particularly careful with this type of peddling,” he said. In particular, he said it was regrettable that the atmosphere of congratulations toward the Spanish national team was clouded by this incident.


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