There is a ‘Seok-Seok Duo’ in the aviation dynasty, the strongest line that is too hard even though it is hard

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All positions are strong, but on the outside heater side, you can’t follow Korean Air.

The biggest driving force behind Korean Air’s combined championship for three consecutive seasons is definitely the setter, Han Seon-seon. In volleyball, the existence of a setter who distributes and leads the ball, as the expression ‘setter play’, is the most important in a team. No matter how good the strikers are, a team cannot become strong without a setter카지노사이트.

Another strength of Korean Air is the outside heater, who is involved in both offense and defense. Kwak Seung-seok and Jung Ji-seok, who led the establishment of the ‘Air Dynasty’, are the main characters. The two players have always been together when Korean Air kept the top. Thanks to the duo who gave points when necessary and was always responsible for receive, dig, and cross-linking behind the scenes, Korean Air was always able to keep its top spot.

This season was no different. Kwak Seung-seok suffered a calf injury at the end of the season, but he kept the side of Korean Air with his skills. With 191 points in the regular league, it recorded the lowest number since the 2016-2017 season, but the effect of the last-minute absence was significant. Defensively, there was a drop compared to last year, but it was different in the championship game.

Kwak Seung-seok averaged more than 11 points per game with a total of 34 points in three games. The attack success rate in three games was also 45%. In the first game, he recorded a receiving efficiency of 54%, and in the second and third games, he succeeded in digging 10 times and played his part defensively. In the 5th set of the 3rd game, he contributed to the championship with blocking that brought the team’s momentum.

Jeong Ji-seok also did well. With 507 points in the regular league, he placed third in scoring by domestic players. It is also noteworthy that he ranked 4th overall with 0.63 blocking per set, the highest among outside heaters.

In the championship match, Jeong Ji-seok scored 16 points in the first game and 17 points in the third game. In particular, in Game 3, he played an important role in bringing the flow with a powerful serve in a situation where the set score was 0-2. The protagonist who pulled the trigger for the reversal was Jung Ji-seok.

The biggest difference with Hyundai Capital also occurred here. Hyundai Capital took on the series without Jeon Kwang-in, the main outside heater. Instead of Jeon Kwang-in, various players such as Lee Si-woo, Kim Seon-ho, and Hong Dong-seon participated, but they were not enough. Jeon Kwang-in is the best outside heater resource in the V-League, even compared to Jung Ji-seok or Kwak Seung-seok. As a virtually irreplaceable player, Hyundai Capital had no choice but to be pushed back in a power struggle with the Korean Air duo.

During the 2017-2018 season championship game, Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong praised Korean Air’s outside heater line, saying, “I think Kwak Seung-seok and Jung Ji-seok are the best receiving line since the senior generations of Park Sam-ryong-Lee Jae-pil and Seok Jin-wook-Shin Jin-shik.” Five years have passed, but the two are still positioned as the best duo in the V-League.


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