There is a punching bag in front of me… Song Seong-moon was excluded from the entry due to self-harm after a mistake

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 Kiwoom infielder Song Seong-moon (27) was seriously injured in the process of relieving anger after a defensive mistake. He punched a chair seated behind a dugout and fractured his hand, leaving him out of the last three days토토사이트.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki said, ahead of the Gocheok LG game on the 4th, “Song Seong-moon had side effects in the process of blaming himself after making a mistake. I have surgery tomorrow,” he said. “I hit the chair, and it seems that there was metal inside the sponge on the outside of the chair. I’m upset myself, but it’s very disappointing from the team’s point of view. I was in good condition since Taiwan and I have been maintaining my condition well, but it has become like this. He said, “I hope it will be an opportunity to take more responsibility as a professional player.”

Third baseman Song Seong-moon made a mistake by throwing to first base after being hit by Chae Eun-seong in the 8th inning against Gocheok Hanwha on the 2nd. Hanwha allowed a chance to score, and Hanwha scored a total of 3 points in the top of the 8th inning. Song Seong-moon was injured in vain as he returned to the dugout at the end of the 8th inning.

According to Kiwoom club officials, it is Song Seong-moon who needs 10 weeks to recover from a fracture of the metacarpal bone in the fifth finger of the right hand.

It is a violation of team rules. In the past, Kiwoom had a player injured while blaming himself in the dugout during a game. Afterwards, a punching bag was prepared behind the dugout, but Song Sung-moon hit a chair instead of a punching bag and ended up leaving the team. It is Song Seong-moon who has to pay the fine for violating the rules.

Song Seong-moon’s mistake at the time also induced another injury. First baseman Jeon Byeong-woo, who was about to receive Song Seong-moon’s high throw, felt pain in his back. Jeon Byung-woo is not seriously injured, but he was excluded from the entry along with Song Seong-moon on the 3rd. Kiwoom put Kim Woong-bin and Shin Jun-woo in the entry that day.

In addition, the central player Lee Jung-hoo also has a small injury. Coach Hong said, “Lee Jung-hoo sprained his back during weight training today. So he was left out of the lineup.”

On this day, Kiwoom Lee Yong-kyu (left fielder) – Kim Hye-seong (2nd baseman) – Kim Tae-jin (3rd baseman) – Edison Russell (shortstop) – Lee Hyung-jong (right fielder) – Kim Hui-jib (designated hitter) – Lim Ji-yeol (1st baseman) – Lee Ji-young (catcher) – Kim Jun-wan (Center fielder) in the lineup. The starting pitcher is Ariel Hurado.


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