‘The youngest Ace’ of ‘The Appengers’ is back

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The ‘world’s strongest’ Korean men’s saber team is called the so-called ‘Fencing Avengers’, or ‘Avengers’ for short. The youngest and ace, Oh Sang-wook, has returned from injury and is raising expectations for this year’s World Championship and Asian Games.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


The recent Grand Prix competition held토토사이트 in Seoul was a stage for Oh Sang-wook.

Oh Sang-wook, who reached the final after defeating individual gold and silver medalists in the individual event of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, overpowered Georgia’s Bajaje, the current world ranking No. 1, and announced his revival with a powerful roar.

[Oh Sang-wook/Fencing Saber National Representative: I don’t think I wanted to show that my (skills) fell, and I felt like something was breaking through, so I screamed.] Oh Sang-wook, a gold medalist in the team event at the Tokyo Olympics, is 192cm tall

and Equipped with flexibility and speed, he has played an ace role in the world’s strongest Korean saber team.

In November of last year, an ankle ligament was ruptured during training and faced the biggest crisis of a player’s life, but

[Kim Jung-hwan/Fencing Saber National Representative: He stepped on my foot and broke his ankle while coming in from this distance once more.] [

Oh Sang-wook/Fencing Saber National Team: I think I was a bit worried because it was my first time with such a big injury.]

With the help of the fencing avengers, the avengers stood up again.

He recovered his skills while receiving intensive care from coach Won Woo-young, a first-generation member of the Appengers, and Kim Jung-hwan, the eldest brother, and his concentration, which was considered a weakness, was also supplemented.

The ‘youngest ace’ Oh Sang-wook, who has returned, is aiming for two gold medals in the individual competition as well as the group competition with the Appengers at the World Championships in July and the Asian Games in September.


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