The town was wrecked‥’Screw base’ also destroyed

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Satellite images have been released of the area of Guam where “super typhoon” Mawar hit.

Peaceful villages have been razed to the ground, and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s NASA base has been severely damaged.

More than 3,000 South Korean tourists are also stranded on the island.

Diplomatic officials are scrambling to provide consular assistance.

Reporter Insoo Jang reports.

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This satellite image shows a residential neighborhood in Guam just before Super Typhoon Marawar hit.

The peaceful town turned into a wreckage after the typhoon passed.

Houses have been destroyed and debris is strewn about토토사이트.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s NASA base was no match for Mawar’s power.

White buildings were destroyed and torn apart as if they had been bombed.

Beautiful resorts were turned into monstrosities.

The typhoon has passed, but more than 3,000 South Korean tourists are still stranded on Guam.

They’re staying in resorts, but they’re running out of food and medicine.

[Lee Tae-joon/South Korean tourist]
“I can’t get my blood pressure medication or diabetes medication, and I can’t get my insulin, and I can’t get my insulin, so the food is limited, so I have to eat cup noodles and the boxed lunches that the Sunban Hotel gives me.”

Most of the tourists are staying in the resort, but the electricity and water have been cut off, adding to their suffering.

The airport is expected to reopen on the 30th at the earliest, but it could be later depending on how the damage is repaired.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is stepping up consular support to minimize the impact on local residents and tourists.

We have sent our consular officers to each resort in Guam to request their cooperation to ensure that our tourists have no inconvenience in extending their stay.

We have also arranged for Korean-American doctors to provide urgent medical support, focusing on emergency patients.

This is Jang In-soo of MBC News.


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