The reason why Hanwha fans are angry… Why is no one taking responsibility for the mercenary crisis? Why did it have to be now

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 Hanwha fans are angry with the club’s incomprehensible ‘greeting’안전놀이터. They are taking over various communities and venting their resentment. Most of them say that they cannot understand this greeting.

First of all, what the fans want to say is not talking about hardening Subero. From the club’s point of view, it may have been dissatisfied with the fact that it has been at the bottom for the past two years and is at the bottom this year as well. It becomes a reason for discussing the hardness. But apart from that, there are exactly two reasons why fans are angry.

First of all, it is a ‘reason’. The reporter received several emails from Hanwha fans. It was a report mixed with anger from Hanwha fans.

One fan said, “Even though the wrong foreign players are being recruited repeatedly, there is no front person responsible. In the case of Smith, he recruited with confidence despite knowing that there was a high risk of injury. However, after he voluntarily pitched in 2.2 innings before the opening, he was even replaced less than a month after the opening,” he said. “This problem is not unique to 2023. Excluding 2018, when we advanced to the postseason, the sluggishness of foreign players is constantly repeating.”

The Hanwha club said, “In the case of coach Subero, we discussed hardening once last year, and the result should have come out this year. This year, we put importance on performance, and continuing the experiment is the hard reason.”

However, fans are arguing that they do not agree with this. Domestic players have definitely improved this season. Moon Dong-ju and Roh Si-hwan have established themselves as the axis of pitching, and Chae Eun-seong is also faithfully playing the role of free agent. Promising players such as Yoo Kyul, Nam Ji-min, Moon Hyun-bin, and Kim Ki-joong are slowly preparing to explode. It is the mercenaries, not the domestic players, that hold back Hanwha.

With a batting average of 10%, O’Grady has turned into a poor player. Smith, who was ambitiously recruited as the first starter, was dismissed after only 2.1 innings. In Korean baseball, mercenaries account for an overwhelming portion of team strength. In the meantime, the fans’ reaction is that Hanwha is doing well enough. In other words, in order to take responsibility, the person who recruited these mercenaries before Subero had to take responsibility first.

The second is a matter of timing. Hanwha recorded a winning series in the last game against Doosan, and also recorded a winning series in the home game against Samsung. It was at the point where they were on the rise with 5 wins and 1 loss in the last 6 games. Above all, this day was the day when Sanchez, a new mercenary, recorded a good pitch and became a winning pitcher. Fans cheered, saying that a great counterattack was about to begin. It was the club’s hard announcement that completely blew away the happiness of such fans.

If it was an internal promotion anyway, there was no rush. Fans’ argument that it’s okay to wait a little longer is persuasive enough. There is no reason to embarrass the players at the point of rising like this.

Everything needs a procedure and there is a time. so there is no backtracking. Hanwha’s ‘resignation of manager Subero’ failed to convince the fans either in terms of justification or timing. That is the most fundamental reason why Hanwha fans are angry.


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