The rain has stopped and the wind is strong… raindrops everywhere

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It rained and the early heat subsided for a while먹튀검증.

Today, the sky in our area is cloudy, but most of the rain is showing a lull.

There will be places where it rains occasionally until daytime in the center of the east coast of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

The expected amount of rain is written as 5 mm.

Today in the eastern mountains of North Gyeongsang Province, there will be a low cloud belt due to the east wind, and the fog will be thick until the afternoon.

Please drive safely as there is thick fog with less than 200m of visibility.

It rains, fine dust shows ‘good’ level, and the air is clean.

Temperatures are expected to rise gradually.

If you look at the current temperature, Daegu, Andong, and Pohang are all starting at 16 degrees similar to yesterday.

During the day, it will be 24 degrees in Daegu, 25 degrees in Andong, and 20 degrees in Pohang.

Meanwhile, on the east coast of Gyeongbuk, the wind will blow strongly with an instantaneous wind speed of around 15km/ s until this afternoon.

From tomorrow afternoon, the wind will be slightly strong in Daegu and most areas of Gyeongbuk.

If you look at the satellite images, today the country will gradually escape from the effects of low pressure. The sky will be mostly cloudy.

Below is detailed regional weather.

Daegu’s morning temperature starts at 16 degrees and Goryeong-do at 16 degrees.

The highest temperature during the day will be 24 degrees in Daegu and 23 degrees in Goryeong.

Currently, the morning temperature in Gumi is 16 degrees and Gimcheon 15 degrees.

During the day, both Gumi and Gimcheon are expected to be around 25.

At this time, the temperature of Andong is 16 degrees and Cheongsong is 15 degrees.

The daytime temperature will be similar to yesterday at 25 degrees in Andong and 23 degrees in Cheongsong.

Pohang’s morning temperature is expected to be 16 degrees and daytime temperature 20 degrees.

The waves of the sea will rise calmly from 0.5m up to 2.0m.

During the weekend, daytime temperatures will rise to a maximum of 30 degrees.

Next week will be mostly sunny with occasional clouds.

It was the weather.


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