The professional billiard board has gotten bigger… Establishment of SY new team, expansion of 9 team system

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In the new season, professional billiards will be operated with an expanded system of 9 teams. As the SY group founded and joined the team, the number of participating teams increased compared to last season. The board has grown even bigger after 4 seasons since it started with 6 teams.

The Professional Billiards Association (PBA) said, “SY Group joins as a new team in the PBA Team League. I submitted an application for founding and recently finished the nomination of a priority player토스카지노. The SY professional billiards team will participate in the new season under the team name SY BAZZAR.”

Bazaar is an independent brand of the SY Group that plays a role in promoting cosmetic products and K-beauty to the world. The club explained that the professional billiards team also decided on a team name with the meaning of being reborn as a team that expands to the world.

The composition of the main players was also completed through the nomination of new teams first. First of all, he embraced Daniel Sanchez (49, Spain), who joined the PBA from this season and is the ‘Four Kings’ of billiards 3-cushion. Sanchez is second in the World Billiards Federation (UMB) and is a player who has won 16 World Cup Championships and 4 World Championships. Considered the biggest player, he played his first PBA season as a member of the new team SY.

Spanish billiards legend Daniel Sanchez, who was first nominated for the new team SY (Sy) Bazaar. Photo = Professional Billiards Association (PBA)

In addition, Han Ji-eun (22), who ranked first in the amateur women’s 3-cushion rankings and reached the top of the 3-cushion at the Asian Carom Championships this year. (32) also wore the new team SY uniform. SY plans to select additional players through the PBA Team League draft.

Along with SY Group, High1 Resort also participates in the professional billiards team league in the form of acquiring TS Shampoo and Puradak. The team name is undecided. High1 Resort served as the fifth PBA/LPBA tour title sponsor last season.

As a result, 9 teams including SY, High1 Resort, Welcome Savings Bank, Blue1 Resort, SK Rent-a-Car, NH Nonghyup Card, Crown Haitai, Hana Card, and Huons participated in the new season’s professional billiards team league to play the season. Each team completes the composition of the team through the Team League Draft held at the Korea Press Center on the 23rd, and prepares for the Team League, which will open in late July or early August.

A PBA official said in a phone call with this magazine, “The professional billiards team league started with 6 teams in the first season, then increased to 8 teams in the next season, and to 9 teams this year. There are many companies that have expressed their intention to participate, perhaps because of the good cost-effectiveness of professional billiards. In the long term, the goal is to run a team league with about 10 teams.”


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