The man of WS who said “I don’t know the answer either”, received 47.7 billion won and splendid release

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 Madison Bumgarner (34) of the Arizona Diamondbacks, who was called the ‘World Series man’ and dominated an era, was eventually driven to the point of being kicked out토토사이트.

The Arizona team announced on the 21st (hereinafter Korean time) that “Madison Bumgarner was transferred (DFA), and left-hander Anthony Mischwitz was called up from Triple-A instead.”

DFA takes three steps to complete the process. Over the next week, clubs that want Bumgarner can negotiate a trade with Arizona. The order of negotiations is the reverse of the previous season’s performance. It’s saying, ‘I’m going to trade Bumgarner, so the team that wants to line up’.

It is extremely rare for a DFA player to be traded at this stage. This is because the salary is high when the skills are low. The club that takes Bumgarner now has to bear the remaining annual salary of about $20.4 million this season and $14 million next year, a total of $34.4 million (about 47.7 billion won).

If the trade club does not appear within a week, it is an unconditional release stage. Clubs that want Bumgarner pay only $720,000 this year’s minimum annual salary to take him. Arizona pays the rest of the salary. Most decisions are made at this stage.

If there is still no team you want, you are a complete free agent. Arizona has to pay all salaries and let go. Trevor Bauer was eventually released as a free agent following the DFA action from the Los Angeles Dodgers in January and entered the Japanese professional baseball.

Bumgarner is having his worst season this year with 3 losses in 4 games and a 10.26 ERA. On the 20th, against the St. Louis Cardinals, he suffered a defeat by allowing 7 runs on 7 hits and 4 walks in 3 innings. The Arizona team eventually decided that Bumgarner had no room for improvement.

The reduction in velocity is cited as the reason for Bumgarner’s sudden drop. His fastball average speed decreased by 1.7 miles (2.74 km) from 91.2 miles last year to 89.5 miles this year. The main weapon, the cutter, has also become dull. The cutter hit rate got worse from 0.306 last year to 0.375 this year.

Bumgarner said in an interview with local media immediately after the game against St. Louis the day before, “I want to know the answer too. It’s not that I won’t look for the answer, I have to find it. But right now I don’t know how. I really want to find the answer.”

The appearance of a hot-blooded fighter is nowhere to be found. It’s a huge loss of self-confidence.

He was the strongest left-handed starter who led the San Francisco Giants to three World Series championships. He marked 4 wins and an earned run average of 0.25 in 5 World Series career games. In particular, in 2014, he enjoyed his heyday by winning the MVP in the National League Championship Series against St. Louis and the World Series against Kansas City Royals.

He went 119-92 with a 3.13 earned run average over 11 years in San Francisco, but after moving to Arizona, he went 15-32 with a 5.23 earned run average in 69 games.

It is well known to domestic fans as a pitcher who faced Ryu Hyun-jin as many as 9 times as a starting pitcher during his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bumgarner signed a five-year, $85 million free agent contract with Arizona in December 2019. Around the same time, Ryu Hyun-jin transferred to the Toronto Blue Jays for 4 years and 80 million dollars.


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