“The maggots in my father’s mouth… ” Daughter ‘surprised’ at a nursing hospital

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“How can maggots come out of a patient’s mouth? My teeth tremble at the horrific scene.”

Kim Mo (40, female), who lives in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do토토사이트, visited a nursing hospital in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do on the morning of the 13th of last month, and was shocked by her. He was in a car accident and lost consciousness, and his father (83), who was struggling with illness, found maggots in the mouth.

He said, “I was looking at my father and saw something wriggling in his mouth, and when I looked closely, they were maggots that looked about 1 to 2 cm in size.” ”he said. The nurse who heard the news and ran to catch the maggots also tried to catch them using a long cotton swab, but it was not easy because they went in and out of her mouth and throat, so she used a suction device to suck out the maggots hidden in the back of her throat.

When her daughter protested, “How could this happen,” the nurse replied, “Father is opening his mouth, so maybe a fly got in and laid eggs. It’s happened before, and there were maggots in the diaper,” she said.

Even after returning home, Mr. Kim said that he could not easily eat or sleep because of his father’s shocking appearance. Thinking that there might be more maggots on his father’s body, he took him to a nearby university hospital the next day for a detailed diagnosis, but fortunately no more maggots were found. Blood tests also showed inflammation levels in the normal range.

According to Mr. Kim, his father, who farms in Goheung County, South Jeolla Province, was hit by a drunk driving hit-and-run vehicle while moving on the road in an electric wheelchair to apply pesticides in the field in July of last year. As a result, his head was severely injured and he was treated at the university hospital for over a month, but he was unconscious and barely breathing. In response, Mr. Kim took his father to this nursing hospital near Chungcheong, where he lives with his older sister, through the introduction of an acquaintance.

Mr. Kim insisted, “Even though we paid about 5 million won a month for hospital expenses, including 4 million won in insurance premiums paid by car insurance, and 800,000 won in nursing and non-benefit items, patient management was not done properly.” He said, “Every time I saw his father, he had a bad smell, blisters like a rash came up on his body, and his breath smelled bad, but the hospital only explained that it was because of his weak immunity.” Mr. Kim said, “I had no choice but to put warm water in a thermos bottle and wipe the patient’s body and wipe the inside of the mouth with oral swabs and saline solution.”

The medical community sees this as ‘oral maggot donation’. It is explained that flies appear to have laid eggs in the mouth when the patient is unable to move with his mouth open for a long time in an unconscious state like Mr. Kim. Similar cases have been confirmed in Korea and reported to the academic world.

The impatient family requested the hospital to install an imaging device to prevent recurrence and check the patient’s management status from time to time, but it was not properly implemented and they proposed not to receive care expenses for the next three months. He also said, “The hospital was not intentionally harassed, so it is not negligence, and there is nothing to worry about due to an insufficient treatment process. As for compensation for damage, if you agree to convert car insurance to national health insurance, I will claim it and return it to the corporation.”

In the end, after consulting with his family, Mr. Kim recently moved his father to another nursing hospital in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province. After checking the patient’s condition, the medical staff said, “There are signs of scabies bites, and the skin is very bad, so it seems to be urgently treated.” The hospital in question did not comment on the matter.


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