The gangster who made a mountain of garbage and jumped out… “It costs hundreds of millions of won to clean it up”

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We have reported several times about the crime of renting other people’s factories and dumping various wastes away.

Upon investigation, it was an organized crime involving gangsters and brokers.

What are these affected factories like now?

Reporter Lee Sol went again.

It was in May 2019 that wastes filling the factory were discovered.

After renting the factory, the tenant threw away the garbage and fled토토사이트.

Now, 4 years later, I visited the factory again.

Building material waste is still piled up like a mountain in the factory yard, and the factory is also full of garbage.

This is a warehouse attached to the factory.

Waste is piled up to the height of the ceiling so that no one can enter.

You can see garbage piled up through the window.

The factory owner spent 40 million won just to clean up some of the garbage.

[Owner of the damaged factory]
“Even if I wanted to clean it up, there was no way because the amount was huge. I think it costs between 600 and 700 million won.”

Some factories caught fire due to waste disposal.

[Nearby factory official]
“There was no one there as it was Monday morning. At that time, the industrial complex was closed. I was curious. There was no one there, but the fire broke out.”

At the time, the factory was out of electricity.

In the end, the cause was unknown, but the factory owner lost two buildings.

In the place where the fire first started, a pile of scorched waste has been left unattended for four years.

Moss has grown between the garbage, and as the weather gets hotter, the stench is significant.

Most of the garbage mountain problems that occurred across the country were organized crimes.

A gangster with financial power is in charge, and through a broker, he is introduced to a company that wants to throw away garbage.

After that, the middle book rents a place for dumping in the name of the boss, throws away the waste, and disappears.

[Seo Bong-tae / Illegal dumping monitoring committee member of the Ministry of Environment]
“(Gangsters) don’t show up at the scene. (Is there a gangster behind this factory?) We have to assume that there is. (Did the police find out through the investigation?) The investigation went all the way to that point. I couldn’t do it.”

Even if part of the daily life comes out of prison, that’s all.

[Owner of the affected factory]
“The person who received the highest (brother) received 1 year and 6 months. It ended with 1 year and 6 months. “

It is not easy for local governments to forcefully remove garbage.

[Local government official]
“(Administrative) execution is a method in which we charge costs while executing, so the land owner will be unfair, and if the actors do not have any property, there may be difficulties in the recovery part.”

Even if you sell the garbage factory, it’s a problem.

A new landlord who purchased a factory full of waste for 300 million won, cheaper than the market price of 1.9 billion won. 

All the garbage has been removed, but the steel frame is bent, and the support bar that prevents the pillar from leaning is also missing.

The speculators also destroyed all the toilets to put in more trash.

In the end, the repair cost alone was 1.9 billion won.

[New factory owner]
“It took a lot of money to repair, so we suffered a lot of losses. About 300 million won or more.”

Illegal dumping of waste that separates the person who throws it away.

It seems that proper investigation and strengthened punishment are needed.


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