The driving force behind Lim Jin-hee’s victory in ‘Crazy Buddy’

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There is a saying that ‘the sky must fall’ to win a championship in golf.

Starting with drive distance, the accuracy of iron shots and the feeling of putting on the green should be harmonized, but it is important to highlight the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses, as each player has different characteristics. On top of that, it is possible to win only when mentality is supported, such as a strong heart that does not waver under any circumstances and bold game management in the match.

The protagonist of the 2023 KLPGA Tour’NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship’, which ended on the 14th, was Lim Jin-hee (25, Angang Construction), who reached her third personal career win.

Jin-hee Lim reduced 6 strokes on the first day of the tournament, which was held in three rounds, to jointly lead, and succeeded in winning the championship with 5 under par in the second round and 15 under par by reducing 4 strokes on the final day.

When it comes to the driving force behind Lim Jin-hee’s victory, I can’t help but discuss her strength in the short game.

Lim Jin-hee showed a green hit rate of 79.63% during this tournament, ranking 14th among all players, and recording a much higher figure than the season record of 69.33% (32nd place). In addition, the distance of her drive shots and fairway landing rate were also significantly better than her average all season. This is the part where you can see how focused he was in the game.

If you entered the championship 토토사이트group with a better shot feel than usual, your bold putting match had a decisive effect on your victory. In fact, Jin-hee Lim was able to reduce the number of strokes by catching the most birdies (19) in this tournament, and the representative scene was the 2.7m birdie putt at the 18th hole in the 3rd round that led to the winning shot.

In an interview after winning the championship, Lim Jin-hee said, “I was a little disappointed with the putt, which I thought was an advantage. So he practiced a lot while paying more attention to his putts. I think the putt comes out the best as I practiced.”

You can’t help but be aware of the ignorant driving distance of the ‘Super Rookie’ room where you played a round together.

Lim Jin-hee said, “To be honest, I can’t help but think that Bang Shin-sil’s flight distance is advantageous. But golf isn’t all about distance. Everyone advised me to do only what I would do. I tried not to care as much as possible while thinking only of that,” she said, even showing off a bold mentality worthy of a winner.

Detailed record of winning players. ⓒ Dailyian Sports
On the other hand, Bang Sin-sil, who was tied for the lead but missed the championship with consecutive bogeys at the last two holes, was very sorry for the ‘winning mentality’.

Bang Sin-sil recorded a driver shot distance of 270.99 yards (approximately 248 m) in this tournament, ranking second after Kim Na-hyun 2 (273.44 yards). It was disappointing that her fairway landing rate of straight shots was only 61.9% (125th place), but she was able to continue competing for the championship by making up for this with her putting ability on the green.

However, consecutive mistakes in the 17th and 18th holes were fatal. Bang Shin-sil received a penalty for a missed drive shot on the 17th hole, and missed the championship on the 18th hole with her second shot on the green. It is Bang Shin-sil who has the homework to quickly overcome psychological pressure.


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