The ‘domestic father’s car’ that Lee Jae-yong rode… 44,000 units sold in one year?

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Hyundai Motor Company’s ‘Palisade’, ‘the epitome of dad’s car토토사이트‘ , ranked first in sales in the semi-large SUV (sports utility vehicle) market last year . It is evaluated that the partially modified model ‘The New Palisade’, which was launched in May of last year, has also successfully settled in the market.

According to the Kaizuyu Data Research Institute on the 19th, the monthly number of new car registrations for ‘The New Palisade’ reached a total of 44,251 units from May of last year to April of last year. The sales volume in May last year is based on the tally since the 19th, when the actual vehicle was sold. During the same period, 9,485 units of Kia’Mohave’ and 2,157 units of Chevrolet’s’New Traverse’ were registered. ‘The New Palisade’ outperformed all competing models by more than 30,000 units.

The number of registered ‘The New Palisade’ ranked third in the total SUV vehicle count. Kia Sorento (69,432 units), Kia Sportage (60,558 units), Hyundai Casper (46,571 units), and Kia Seltos (45,162 units) ranked 4th during the same period. ) was The release date of ‘The New Palisade’ in the domestic market is May 19, 2022. This means that it dominated the market in about a year after launch.

‘The New Palisade’ was more popular among ’40s’ in terms of age group and ‘males’ in terms of gender. Based on the number of registered users, the proportion of people in their 40s in the total number of registrations reached 34.8% (12,363 units). 2nd place is for people in their 50s (25.5% of the total , 9066 cars), 3rd place is for people in their 30s (20.6%)・7328 units). Males accounted for 84.1% (29,890 units) of the total, and females accounted for 15.9% (5,655 units).

Combined, the number of registered males in their 40s and 50s for The New Palisade was 18,174, accounting for 42.3% of the total. This is why the nickname ‘Dad’s car’ was attached to ‘The New Palisade’.

A screenshot of The New Palisade teaser video previously released by Hyundai Motor Company. [Provided by Hyundai Motor Company]

The charm of ‘The New Palisade’ comes from its ‘universality’. The interior is spacious and has a variety of trims. As an optional feature, you can select ‘4WD’, so it is good for camping and outdoor vehicles.

It is also a strength to include advanced safety specifications and convenience specifications. In particular, the high-definition 12.3-inch display mounted on ‘The New Palisade’ has been highly evaluated among prosecution visas, and is also applied to other vehicle models. The ‘relatively cheap’ price range, which starts at KRW 38.67 million for the gasoline 3.8 model and KRW 40.14 million for the diesel 2.2 model, is another factor that adds to the charm of the vehicle.

In 2020, Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong appeared riding with his children at the funeral of Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee, drawing attention. At the time, it was known that the black Palisade that Chairman Lee had been riding was purchased second-hand. As a result, it has been given the modifier that it is a car that is so great that a simple headman or chaebol headman rides with their children.

A screenshot of The New Palisade teaser video previously released by Hyundai Motor Company. [Provided by Hyundai Motor Company]

The finished car industry is challenging ‘The New Palisade’ with a new model. Toyota is preparing for the launch of its semi-large SUV ‘Highlander Hybrid’ in Korea. It is reported that it has recently completed certification of vehicle emissions and noise supervised by the Ministry of Environment. Kia launched the EV9 in the ‘large electric SUV’ market . Both models are characterized by ‘quiet ride’ and ‘eco-friendly car’. The automobile industry expects that Hyundai Motor Company will introduce a new Palisade equipped with a new powertrain to the market. Depending on the competing vehicle model, there is a high possibility that the 2.5-liter gasoline hybrid will be the main focus. The existing 2.2-liter diesel may be discontinued or replaced with an engine that meets new emission regulations depending on market conditions. An official from the finished car industry said, “Diesel vehicles were previously praised for their fuel economy, but recently fine dust and rough ride comfort are being pointed out as problems. ” It can be alienated from the market.”


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