The 1st Suwon Cup National Youth Soccer Tournament ‘Fanfare’… 80 teams compete for two days (comprehensive)

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 The ‘1st Suwon Cup National Youth Soccer토토사이트 Tournament’, a feast for young footballers, started on the 29th at the main playground of Kyonggi University Suwon Campus for two days.

This tournament is hosted by the Newsis Gyeonggi Southern Headquarters and supervised by the Suwon City Football Association. In addition, Suwon City sponsored the development of youth football and expansion of the base.

The tournament will be held in a group match format of U-8, U-9, U-10, U-11, and U-12~13. A total of 80 teams will participate, including 40 teams on the 29th and 40 teams on the 30th.

On the first day of the opening, youth soccer teams from all over the country will compete in group leagues and tournaments to rank winners and runners-up. Trophies, signboards, and souvenirs are awarded according to the ranking of each participating team.

In the game, which was held from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on this day, the young players who participated in th

The youth players were expected to lose their stamina in the rainy weather, but under the guidance of the coaches, they flew around the green ground, showing off their honed skills to the fullest with their friends who had been working together.

Parents who came to the stadium to support their children were also enthusiastic.

Parents cheered louder than the children when the players’ shots from their small bodies shook the net and scored a goal.

In particular, in order not to miss even a single glimpse of their children running around the playground, a professional DSLR camera called a ‘cannon camera’ was mobilized and a rare scene of pressing the shutter was also noticeable.

Also, as if they were out on a picnic, they brought camping chairs and tables, unpacked their luggage in designated tents for each team, and had a good time sharing snacks with their relatives and other families who came with them.

On this day, the youth players had a meaningful time learning the spirit of sports through the sport of soccer, regardless of the win or loss, although the rankings were covered according to the ranking.

On the first day of the opening day, all games were held, and the children returned to their original selves, smiling at the podium and photo zone, each taking commemorative photos with the team, family, and friends to make precious memories.

e competition competed fiercely while sweating in the rain.

The winning teams for each age group are ▲Song Jong-guk FC (classic), SFA Sunae (Challenge) in U-8 ▲Song Jong-guk FC (classic) and Major Football Skills (Challenge) in U-9 ▲Seosuwon FC (classic) and Song Jong-guk in U-10. FC (Challenge) ▲In U-11, Onsaemiro FC (Classic) and Bucheon Best (Challenge) ▲In U-12~13, SFA Jeongja (Classic) and Phantom Junior (Challenge) each won the honorable trophy.

The runner-up teams are ▲ Captain FC (Classic) Bucheon Best (Challenge) in U-8 ▲ Captain FC (Classic) SFA Sunae (Challenge) in U-9 ▲ SFA Jeongja (Classic) Bucheon Best (Challenge) in U-10 ) ▲ In U-11, Blue Dragon United (Classic) and SFA Sunae (Challenge) ▲ In U-12~13, Awesome FC (Classic) and KDH Academy (Challenge) were each honored.

The contest will run until the next day, the 30th. On the second day of the event, under the concept of a festival, youth teams based in Suwon will run a game so that they can enjoy the joy of soccer without worrying about winning or losing. Individual trophies and souvenirs will be presented to all participating players.

“We are delighted to hold the 1st Suwon Cup National Youth Soccer Tournament to nurture dream soccer players,” said Wang Jeong-shik, head of the Newsis Southern Gyeonggi Headquarters. I hope


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