Taxi driver complains of trauma after reporting Jeong Jung-jeong

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A taxi driver who made a crucial contribution to the arrest of Jung Yoo-jeong, 23, who murdered a woman in her 20s whom she met through an online tutoring app and dumped her body토토사이트, is complaining of trauma.

The Geumjeong Police Station in Busan announced on Aug. 8 that it has decided not to hold a commendation ceremony for taxi driver A, who contributed to the arrest of Jeong.

A police official explained the reason, saying, “Mr. A is suffering from trauma after this incident.”

Mr. A is the driver of the taxi that Jung Yoo-jeong rode in when she went to dispose of her body by the Nakdong River with a suitcase after her murder on the afternoon of March 26.

He is said to have taken Jung’s suitcase out of the taxi and immediately called the police because he was suspicious that a woman was carrying the suitcase into the woods alone in the middle of the night and that she had blood on her hands.

Thanks to Ms. A’s decisive report, the police made an emergency arrest of Jung, and were able to uncover the entire crime by pooling their investigative efforts.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that Jung had been preparing for the crime for three months prior to the murder, and it was speculated that if it had not been for Ms. A’s report, it would have been a serial killing.

A taxi industry official explained, “We deal with a lot of customers, but in this case, the impact is significant.”

Unlike the traumatized Mr. A, Jung was known to eat well and sleep well in detention.


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