‘Super Luxurious Corps’ 1.7 trillion ransom world’s best 11… Among them, TOP is ‘Mbappe’

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The ‘super luxurious corps’ composed of the most expensive players has been revealed.

On the 2nd (Korean time), the football statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’ announced the best eleven of the most expensive players in the world. The media added an additional explanation, saying “UNBEATABLE (토토사이트invincible).”

The formation was 3-2-3-2. The two tops were Kylian Mbafe (24‧Paris Saint-Germain) and Elling Holland (22‧Manchester City). They were 180 million euros (approximately 255.5 billion won) and 170 million euros (approximately 241.5 billion won), respectively. These were the players who were ranked 1st and 2nd in value in the world.

The second line was Vinicius Junior (22‧ Real Madrid), Jamal Musiala (20 ‧ Bayern Munich), and Bukayo Saka (21 ‧ Arsenal). Vinicius had 120 million euros (about 170.5 billion won), Musiala and Saka 110 million euros (about 156 billion won). In terms of world value, Vinicius was tied for 3rd, and Musiala and Saka were tied for 5th.

In the midfield, Pedri (20‧ Barcelona) and Jude Bellingham (19‧ Dortmund) were named. Pedri was set at 100 million euros (approximately 142 billion won) and Bellingham at 120 million euros (approximately 170.5 billion won). In world value, Pedri was 8th and Bellingham was tied for 3rd.

The three backs were paired with Yoshko Grabardiol (21‧ Leipzig), Ruben Dias (25‧ Manchester City), and Mathais de Ligt (23‧ Bayern Munich). All three were 75 million euros (approximately 106.5 billion won). It was tied for 28th in world value.

Lastly, the goalkeeper was Thibaut Courtois (30‧ Real Madrid). Courtois was 60 million euros (about 85 billion won). The €60 million was joint 56th in world value.

The total ransom of the 11 people was 1.2 billion euros (approximately 1.7 trillion won). The average age was ‘22.5 years old’, and the highest player among the world’s best eleven was Mbappe with 170 million euros.

On the other hand, ‘Transfer Markt’ completed updating the ransom values ​​of players playing in major European leagues in March. In the ‘Korean League’, Son Heung-min (30‧ Tottenham Hotspur) 60 million euros (approximately 85 billion won), Kim Min-jae (26 ‧ Naples) 50 million euros (approximately 71 billion won), Lee Kang-in (22 ‧ Mallorca) 1,500. It built TOP3 with 10,000 euros (approximately 21.5 billion won).


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