Super-difficulty ‘killer questions’ not in the curriculum will not be presented in the CSAT

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The government and the ruling party have decided not to submit super-difficult questions outside the school curriculum, so-called ‘killer questions’, to the SAT토토사이트.

According to the instructions of President Yoon Seok-yeol, school education will be strengthened and the burden of private education will be reduced.

Special purpose high schools and autonomous private high schools, which the Moon Jae-in administration had decided to abolish, were to be maintained.

First of all, this is reporter Yoon Soo-han.

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The meeting was held four days after President Yoon Seok-yeol emphasized ‘fair CSAT’.

The government and the ruling party pointed out that the quality of school education has declined and private education expenses have soared by more than 50% over the past Moon Jae-in administration.

As one of the solutions, he announced that he would not give the most difficult problem in the SAT, the so-called ‘killer question’.

It is said that private education is caused by ‘killer questions’ that require background knowledge that is difficult for university professors to solve.

[Lee Tae-gyu/National Assembly Education Committee People’s Power Secretary]
“The killer question is an easy way to increase the discrimination of the test, but it is the root cause of pushing students to private education…

” He explained that he would upgrade the exam method to secure the level of difficulty.

Just in time, there was also a message from the President’s Office that President Yoon had always had a critical mind about the ‘killer question’.

It is unfair and inappropriate for only those with power and money to receive help to solve killer questions through private education. Instead , it was decided to expand the use of EBS

so that students can study on their own , and to strengthen customized support according to the results of the academic background diagnosis. Autonomous private high schools, foreign language high schools, and international high schools, which the Moon Jae-in administration had decided to abolish, will be maintained. [Lee Tae-gyu/National Assembly Education Committee People’s Power Secretary] “We decided to provide customized education tailored to the talents and aptitudes of students and support the strengthening of educational capacity through autonomous educational innovation in the region… ” We will respond strictly to illegal activities such as false and exaggerated advertisements by the entrance examination institutes. However, it was only said that it was analyzing the June mock evaluation that caused the hardship of the director of college admissions at the Ministry of Education. [Lee Joo-ho/Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education] “We are currently analyzing the June mock test. There is still no concrete basis for what the education authorities and the private education system are. Specific measures to strengthen school education and private education will be announced on the 21st and 27th. This is Yoon Soo-han from MBC News. 


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