Should I fix the second Lee Jae-joo… Desperate game changer for KIA, 1 win is so difficult

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 1 win is so difficult.

KIA’s season start is difficult. With a 3-5토토사이트 loss against Busan Lotte on the 20th, they became the first team to reach 10 losses in the season. Since the opening, we have never had a winning series. 1-2 against Incheon SSG 1-1, 7-9 against Gwangju Doosan 1-2, 11-13 Gwangju against Hanwha 1-2, 14-16 against Gocheok Kiwoom 3 losses, 18-20 Busan Lotte I have 1 win and 2 losses.

The calculation is slightly off in the pitching. There is a side that the team is not strong as some of the main pitching axes that need to be done are not productive than expected. The mound with a team ERA of 4.27 (7th) is also unexpected, but the other line is a little more serious. The team batting average is 6th with 0.250, but the scoring average is 9th with 0.209, and the OPS is 0.638, the lowest.

Practically, the current KIA does not see a game changer. Looking back on KIA’s 4 victories, unexpectedly, left-handed pinch hitter Ko Jong-wook struck two final blows. Choi Hyeong-woo and Lee Woo-seong also hit one each. In addition, Ace Sean Anderson’s perfect scoreless pitch in 7 innings (against Gwangju Hanwha on the 12th) and Eui-ri Lee’s 5⅔ innings scoreless pitch (against Busan Lotte on the 19th), which overcame a full base with another strikeout parade, stood out.

Ko Jong-wook has the clutch ability and is sophisticated like a hitter who boasts a career batting average of 30%. However, Ko Jong-wook is not good at defense, so it is difficult to play as a full-time starter. The fact that Ko Jong-wook and Lee Woo-sung, two people close to backups were responsible for 3 wins, means that the beginning of the existing KIA main hitters is difficult.

In the end, Ko Jong-wook started as a designated hitter two days in a row against Busan Lotte on the 19th and 20th, and accumulated two hits each. In the current KIA lineup, along with leadoff Ryu Ji-hyeok and veteran Choi Hyeong-woo, he seems to have the best hitting feel. For this reason, it is right for him to play as the designated hitter and increase the number of at-bats as much as possible.

Foreign hitter Socrates Brito, veteran Kim Seon-bin, and geopo prospect duo Hwang Dae-in and Byeon Woo-hyuk all have poor pace. As those who should have filled the void at the forefront of Na Seong-beom were unable to use their strength, the KIA lineup also fell from the top of the league in various categories to the bottom in just one year. Of course, during the Busan expedition, Hong Se-wan, hitting coach, joined the first team. It is impossible to see the effect of coach Hong Se-wan overnight.

It seems that coach Kim Jong-guk’s grievances in setting the batting order will also be great. In addition, there are many views that coach Kim should intervene more actively in the game. If it doesn’t work out by trusting and entrusting it, it’s right that the bench moves actively. However, it is also true that it is difficult to find a player with good operational ability in the lineup due to the departure of Kim Do-young and the sluggish performance of Park Chan-ho. Should we expect a crazy player to come out in the end? Sad times are passing.


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