Shaved Kwon Do-hyeong’s courtroom ‘self-argument’… “I didn’t know it was a fake passport”

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Kwon Do-hyung (32), CEO of Terraform Labs, a key figure in the ‘Terra Luna’ crash먹튀검증, who was caught trying to use a forged passport at Montenegro airport, claimed in court on the 16th (local time) that he did not know that the passport in question was a forged passport.

Representative Kwon attended the trial of the counterfeit passport case held at the Podgorica District Court in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, that day.

On this day, two new lawyers appeared in court with CEO Kwon, but they asked the judge for 15 minutes to understand the case as if they had taken the case in a hurry. In the end, on this day, CEO Kwon held a ‘self-advocacy’ alone.

He cut his hair short, close to shaving, and insisted that he did not know that the passport he used was a fake.

Representative Kwon said, “I received a Costa Rica passport after filling out all the documents through an agency in Singapore on the recommendation of a friend,” and “I obtained a Belgian passport through another agency.”

“When I applied for a Granada passport through the agency, it was rejected, but when I applied for a Costa Rica passport, there was no reason to doubt because the application was accepted,” he added.

He also said that he had traveled all over the world on a Costa Rican passport and used it to cross the Montenegrin border.

CEO Kwon asked back, “If he had known it was a forged passport, would he have submitted his Costa Rican passport to the airport after waiting for a chartered flight at Podgorica Airport?”

However, when the judge asked the name of the agency, he replied, “It was in Chinese, but I can’t remember exactly.” He added, “There is an agency name in the mailbox of the confiscated laptop,” adding, “You can check the laptop.”

According to Montenegro’s local law, if convicted of counterfeit passport charges, a prison sentence of a minimum of three months and a maximum of five years is imposed. It is interpreted that Kwon made the claim that he did not know that it was a forged passport so that even if he was convicted, he could receive a reduced sentence by taking into consideration the circumstances.

On the other hand, CEO Kwon also appealed for mercy for his aide, Mr. Han, who was caught together. Representative Kwon said, “Han is not guilty,” and “If you are punished for a fake passport, please let me be the only one.”

Since their arrest on March 23, they have been living in the Spuz detention center on the outskirts of Podgorica for nearly three months. Although he applied for bail last month, the Podgorica High Court, a higher court, decided to extend his detention for six months on the grounds of securing new recruits for extradition trial.

In his final argument, CEO Kwon asked the judge, “It’s hard because I don’t have anyone to talk to,” and asked, “Let me share the same room as Mr. Han.”

However, the judge refused, saying that it was not a matter to dispute in this trial, and asked the lawyer to explain why they should not share a room.

The trial, which lasted about an hour and a half, was conducted in Montenegrin. Representative Kwon and others conveyed their thoughts in English through an interpreter named Selman Azovic.


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