Shake Shack Kim Tae-hee and Rain enter the building, rent only ‘100 million’ per month

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The first store of ‘Shake Shack (Shake Shack Burger)’ located in Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, is moving to the Bi-Kim Tae-hee couple building near Gangnam Station. Nearby, the first store of ‘Five Guys’, one of the ‘top 3 burgers in the US’, is also scheduled to open soon, so a ‘hamburger derby’ from Gangnam-daero is expected to take place.

In particular, since the two hamburger brands were imported토토사이트 directly from the United States by the third generation of conglomerate conglomerates, there is an interesting point of view as a competition for pride between the two conglomerates. According to the distribution industry on the 21st, the SPC

Group’s Shake Shack Gangnam branch , which is about to expire, is considering moving to a building in Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, which was purchased by singer and actor Rain. Shake Shack Gangnam, which opened its first store in Korea in July 2016, is currently located near Exit 6 of Sinnonhyeon Station.

The first-floor commercial building in Biui, where Shake Shack is newly located, has been vacant for nearly half a year, and recently started construction ahead of a lease.

It is a 2-minute walk from Exit 10 of Gangnam Station and has 2 floors below ground and 8 floors above ground. The site area is 486㎡ and the total floor area is 2904㎡.

Previously, Rain purchased the building for 92 billion won in 2021, but withdrew again after promoting the sale for 140 billion won in October last year, a year later.

The reason why Shake Shack chose Bi’s building seems to be because of the rent.

Currently, the monthly rent for Shake Shack Gangnam is about 150 million won, and it is known that they signed a lease contract for about 100 million won a month when they moved to the building.

On the 26th, Five Guys introduced by Hanwha Galleria is scheduled to open near Gangnam Station.Five Guys is located on Gangnam-daero between Gangnam Station and Sinnonhyeon Station, and has an exclusive area of ​​618㎡ with 2 floors and 150 seats.Less than 300m away from Exit 10 of Gangnam Station, it is expected that a full-fledged hamburger showdown will take place once Shake Shack is opened in Rain’s building.Meanwhile, Shake Shack and Five Guys have long been regional rivals in the United States, with Shake Shack based in New York in the Northeast and Five Guys in Virginia in the Southeastern United States.Shake Shack is a brand that 

SPC Group Vice President Huh Hee-soo, the third generation of 

SPC , brought to Korea and successfully settled down.


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