San Diego Media “Padres, Opening Game with Dodgers in Korea in 2024”

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Ha-sung Kim’s team, the San Diego Padres, is visiting Korea.

Citing a source on the 8th (Korean time), the’San Diego Union-Tribune’ reported that San Diego is planning an opening game in Korea in 2024.

According to the media, San Diego is scheduled to play the opening game in Korea at the end of March 2024 with the LA Dodgers, who are rivals in the same district and faced last season in the Division Series토토사이트.

On the same day,’The Athletic’ also cited sources and introduced that the Padres were on the’short list’ to participate in the 2024 Korean Series.

Major League Baseball previously agreed on a schedule for overseas games while agreeing to a new labor-management agreement last year. At the time, it was reported that an agreement was reached to hold the 2024 season opener in Asia.

They previously agreed to hold an all-star tour in Korea after the 2022 season, but the event was canceled due to various problems. Regardless of this, the opening game is an image of putting things into action.

If the plan becomes a reality, it will be the first game in major league history to be played in Korea.

The confrontation between the Dodgers and San Diego can be said to be a matchup suitable for the first Korean game in the major leagues.

The Dodgers is a team familiar to Korean fans, with Park Chan-ho, Seo Jae-eung, Choi Hee-seop, and Ryu Hyun-jin as members. Park Chan-ho was the first Korean to make his major league debut with the Dodgers, and Ryu Hyun-jin was the first Korean to start the World Series and All-Star Game with the Dodgers.

Ha-seong Kim is currently playing for San Diego. 2024 is scheduled to be the last year of Kim Ha-sung’s four-year contract. Here, Park Chan-ho serves as an advisor.


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