Sam Seon-joong, Jeon Jeon Nam-joong take one step closer to gold medal

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Samseonjoong was the strongest team in the South Central region토토사이트.

Seoul’s Samseonjoong took on traditional powerhouse Jeonju Namjong in the boys’ U16 quarterfinals of the 52nd National Youth Sports Games at Ulsan University Gymnasium in Ulsan, South Korea, on Monday and dominated throughout the game, defeating Jeonju Namjong 101-64 to advance to the semifinals.

From the start, Samseonjung’s strong offense was on full display.

Yoon Ji-won (190 cm, F) hit sharp passes and three-pointers, while Yoon Ji-hoon (183 cm, G) made bold drive-in attacks.

Under the basket, Kim Ho-won (197 cm, C) and Song Young-hoon (193 cm, C.F) piled up points with offensive rebounds followed by baskets.

Jeonju Namjung tried to catch up with Son Kwang-won (178 cm, G), Kim Seung-pyo (183 cm, F) and Kim Chan-hee (181 cm, F), who took turns hitting three-pointers.

Leading 51-31, Samseonjoong didn’t slow down its offense in the second half, and before long, the gap between the two teams had grown to more than 30 points.

Jeonju Namjong tried to close the gap with substitutes, but it was not enough to turn the tide.

In the previous game, Hwa Bongjoong, on their home court, came from behind to win 82-63 over Chungcheongbuk-do.

Before the game, many experts predicted an easy victory for Hwabongjoong, but once the game started, the team struggled throughout the first half due to strong resistance from Chungju.

Hwaseong failed to overwhelm their opponents until the midway point of the game, but in the second half, with the physical advantage, Hwaseong created space with their passing game and steadily accumulated points with fast breaks and mid-range jumpers to take the lead, while Chungju fought back with their height, but could not overcome the difference in scoring percentage.

Hwa Bong-joong, who regained his confidence by increasing his score, continued his scoring streak with his characteristic speedy offense and sealed the game with a comfortable margin of victory.

In the matchup between Gyeonggi’s Ho Kye-joong and last year’s runner-up, Gyeongbuk’s Sangju-joong, Ho Kye-joong took control of the game with an aggressive offense from the start and won 84-54, while Incheon’s Song Do-joong was the last to join the quarterfinals with a strong final quarter effort to defeat Gangwon’s Pyeongwon-joong 66-61.

In the Women’s U16 game at the Ulsan National University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, Gwangju’s Supia Yeojoong won by a huge margin of 86-50 over Ulsan’s Yeonamjoong.

Supia Women’s Basketball’s Lim Yeon-seo (170 cm, G), who was selected for the U16 national team, was the top scoring machine in the girls’ middle school division with 24 points, four rebounds, eight assists and seven steals.

In the second game, Masan Girls’ Middle School from Gyeongnam defeated Cheongju Girls’ Middle School from Chungbuk 73-61, while Dongju Girls’ Middle School from Busan and Buil Girls’ Middle School from Incheon won 97-45, led by Kim Seo-hyun (168 cm, G), who recorded a triple-double with 18 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

One of the final four spots was claimed by Seoul’s Sunil Girls’ High School, which defeated Gangwon’s Bongu Girls’ High School, 81-68.


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