Ryan Yarbrough, who was hit in the face by a 171 mph straight line drive, pitches six innings of one-run ball in his first start in two months — Pitchers who make miracles happen.

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Kansas City Royals pitcher Ryan Yarbrough, who was hit in the face with a bullet-like line drive, made his first start in two months and led his team to victory in the final game of the first half.

Yarbrough earned his second win of the season (4-2) on Tuesday, allowing one run on six hits in six innings of work at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.안전놀이터

Two months earlier, on May 8, Yarbrough suffered one of the most devastating injuries a pitcher can suffer at home in Oakland. He was hit directly in the face by a 171-mile-per-hour fastball hit by opposing batter Ryan Noda. A collective scream erupted from both dugouts and the stands. Yarbrough was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with an orbital fracture.

In the best of all possible worlds, Yarbrough avoided surgery, rehabbed, and returned to shut down the opposing bats with his usual dominance.

“I know how lucky and blessed I am,” Yarbrough said after the victory, “I was really encouraged by the players.” He credits the quick response of the medical team and the fact that he was able to avoid surgery for his quick return.

Baseball is a dangerous sport. Whether you’re a pitcher or a batter, you’re always playing with the risk of being hit by a ball. Pitchers are hit much less often than batters, but the speed of the ball makes it even more dangerous.

In the KBO, NC’s Choi Sung-young was hit in the face by a pitch last month. Doosan’s Kim Myung-shin has suffered the same injury in the past. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung also experienced it during his playing days.

However, pitchers are the ones who eventually overcome such injuries. In 2017, Kim Myung-shin was hit by a pitch and returned to the first team roster after 88 days. This year, he has been the backbone of Doosan’s bullpen, posting a 2.98 ERA in 42.1 innings, his best season since his professional debut. Choi Sung-young is also continuing his rehabilitation. He suffered three orbital fractures, but like Yarbrough, he was lucky to avoid surgery.


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