Prosecutors send Jung Jeong-jeong for murder of fellow woman…”I think she was out of her mind”

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Jung Jeong-jeong, who murdered a young woman she met through토토사이트 a tutoring app and dumped her body, has been taken into custody and sent to prosecutors.

When asked about her motive for the crime, Jung said, “I think I was out of my mind.

Reporter Kim Young-min.


A day after the decision to release her identity was made, murder suspect Jung Jeong-jeong made an appearance.

However, it was impossible to see Jung’s bare face as she appeared wearing a hat and mask with her head bowed.

When asked about the crime, she replied.

“(Did you try to disguise it as a missing person’s case) I think I was out of my mind, I’m sorry.”

He also expressed his sincere apologies to the victims and their families.

“(Do you have anything to say to the victims or bereaved families?) I am sincerely sorry to the victims and bereaved families.”

The reporters asked Jung, whose identity has been withheld, if she could lower her mask, but she kept her mouth firmly closed and did not lower it until the end.

Jung is suspected of going to the victim, whom she met through a tutoring app, in her junior high school uniform on March 26, killing her with a knife, mutilating her body and dumping it in grass near the Nakdong River.

Jung reportedly told police during the investigation that he felt the urge to kill and committed the crime because he wanted to try it out for real.

The prosecution, which took over the case, plans to prosecute Mr. Jeong after further investigation.


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