Private middle school teacher stabbed colleague…solution is ‘high school lockdown’?

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A teacher pushed a colleague against a wall and tried토토사이트 to stab him with scissors…fined 3 million won

In March, a “school violence incident” occurred at a private middle school in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

However, the violence was not between students, but between teachers.

The incident began when Mr. A, a teacher at the school, raised an issue with Mr. B, the school’s vice principal, about the start time of a faculty meeting.

Mr. B responded by yelling and cursing at Ms. A. The incident didn’t stop there.

When Teacher A demanded an apology, the next day there was an even bigger uproar. Dean B pulled a weapon on Teacher A.

“He ordered all the other teachers out of the staff room, grabbed me by the hair, pulled a pair of lab scissors out of his back pocket, and tried to stab me in the face,” Teacher A said.

Luckily, Ms. A was able to dodge the attack, and other teachers entered the staff room to stop it.

Police arrived and arrested Vice Principal B. Mr. B was summarily charged with special intimidation and fined KRW 3 million.

■ Four days of classes at the school without incident… The school was closed.

After the incident, the offending teacher, Mr. B, continued to work for a while before calling in sick.

The students were unaware that Ms. B had taken a pair of scissors to another teacher.

This is because the school did not officially notify parents and students of the incident through home communications.

It wasn’t until a media story broke a week after the incident, and students and parents who had been taught by Mr. B complained of anxiety.

It was not until another week later that the school held a parent-teacher meeting to inform them of the following.

■ ‘3 million won fine’ and ‘3 months suspension’… but classes continue

According to the Seongbuk Gangbuk Office of Education, Mr. B was recently suspended for three months and sent to a high school before the second semester.

This means that he will no longer teach at the middle school where the disturbance took place, but will resume his duties at a high school in the same foundation.

The teacher, Ms. A, is suffering from anxiety and trauma as a result of the incident. She hasn’t been able to go to class since the incident.


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