Praise from the president to Dobaek, life sports ‘that bare face

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Kang Kyung-ho rises to the Octagon after a year or so. This is the first match he has played since becoming his father in September of last year. Opponents are not easy. This is Cristian Quiñones (27), a rookie from Mexico who came from the Contender Series.

Kang Kyung-ho, who will fight in June (Photo = UFC)

Kang Kyung-ho is a fighter who is strong in both striking and wrestling. Although he was strong in wrestling, he improved his batting skills during his back injury and is now a good batting champion.

Kang Kyung-ho’s last fight was at UFC 275 in Singapore in June last year. He defeated Dana Batgarel of Mongolia by unanimous decision.

Quignones, who will fight Kang Kyung-ho in the ‘Las Vegas UFC Fight Night Vettori vs Cannonier’ on June 18th, entered the UFC last year and made his debut as a new face.

However, he is a strong striker who has won 10 of his 18 MMA wins by KO (TKO). A slugfest is expected, but both are familiar with wrestling, so it looks like it will be a back and forth fight.

Kang Kyung-ho is not yet a bantamweight ranker due to a break in his career due to military service, but he is a recognized talent. The ground and stands are all top-notch. Considering what he has fought so far in his 12th

UFC fight (7 wins, 3 losses, 1 null), it is time to enter the rankings. “I became a father. Responsibility increased. I will definitely win.” Kang Kyung-ho has a new resolution.National Life Sports Festival. For life sports enthusiasts, it means more than the Olympics. This is because the first-person party is the protagonist of the game. It’s life sports, yes. Even the family members of the same group are special (congratulations).

The ‘2023 National Living Sports Festival’ was held in Gumi, Gyeongbuk on the 27th and 30th of last month. 20,000 athletes gathered from all over the country. According to the organizers, the total number of visitors including families and visitors is 60,000. Jang Jae-geun, the head of the Jincheon National Athletes’ Village, met at the site and admired, “I didn’t know the scale of (life sports) was this big.”

Village Chief Zhang can’t help but admire. In terms of the scale of participation, it is at the level of an international competition. Fittingly, the opening ceremony was grand. President Yoon Seok-yeol’s congratulatory speech was read. A congratulatory video by National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo was aired. The grand opening remarks by Lee Ki-heung of the Korea Sports Council and the welcome speech by Lee Cheol-woo, governor of North Gyeongsang Province, were also grandiose. The messages mixed with rhetoric drew the attention of friends.

“We will spare no support for sports for all. We will design custom-made sports facilities for sports. A country that is strong in sports for life is a welfare powerhouse. We will organize sports for life. We will support customized sports activities for each life cycle.” The daily sports messages from the president to the provincial governor added light to the firecrackers that embroidered the sky at the opening ceremony. The performances of several singers who were called ‘hot’ also shone. It was a beautiful night looking forward to the actual game.

It was there. Empty stands, stadiums with only players. A league of their own. The anticipation of the opening ceremony night turned into regret. The stadium, which shone with messages from influential figures and politicians, and filled with the passion of 20,000 people, became a mirage overnight. It doesn’t matter whether the audience is mobilized or not. Since it was a celebration, I hoped it would be splendid.

But the glamorous timing was wrong. The host has been evangelized. The host of the celebration is the main game. The intermittent shouts of fighting that could be heard from the empty stands were pitiful. On the other hand, the enthusiasm of the players was ‘national level’. at least it’s comforting The Japanese badminton coach, who participated in this celebration, said, “I was surprised to see the scale of the opening ceremony,” and it was accurate. Only the ‘scale’ of the opening ceremony was an amazing competition.

The courtesy mode is not limited to stadiums. The press room (center) was also empty. The densely packed desks and chairs in the press room are colorless. Only the air conditioner does its job vigorously. Publicity office of the Korea Sports Association, the organizer of the stadium, installed in the stadium. The fire here was also extinguished early. The opening ceremony became a ‘closing ceremony’ as it was, and their own league ended like this.

Korea Sports Association stopped, Korea Sports Association for the Disabled

Physical education plays an important role in people’s lives. ‘For a better life’ is the goal. As it is directly related to the lives of the people, it is natural that it is the interest of the government. The Yoon Seok-yeol administration also included a policy to promote life sports in its national tasks. ‘Sports for all, realization of compact sports welfare’ is the goal of the task. In line with the Corona 19 endemic, the country is excited with various life sports competitions.

Is it because of this atmosphere? President Yoon also recently visited youth baseball and soccer tournaments to give strength to sports for everyday life. Media attention was also focused. It was there. All competitions are in progress, not unlike the Gumi festival. It’s a match. Only the opening ceremony in which influential figures participated shines. Empty seats and indifference, sports competitions for life have become their own league.

During the Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan administrations, the ideology of sports was prioritized. The military regime ruled the people with sports as its priority. The saying ‘physical strength is national strength’ is representative. At this time, ‘life sports’ was only a shadow of ‘elite sports’. Sports used as a political tool gave birth to ‘elite sports supremacy’. Only Olympic gold medals were physical education. But now it is different. We are living in an era where participation in life sports has exceeded 60%. A policy suitable for quantitative growth is essential. Nevertheless, there is a long way to go for life sports. Why? The answer lies in the indifferent administration of government agencies.

On the 15th, the sports portal site operated by the Korea Sports Association stopped at 2019 for sports competition information (left side of the photo). On the same day, 2018 was the last post on news 토토사이트and well-being life content on the sports information center site operated by the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled. Reporter Dong-gyu

The ‘Sports Portal’ site operated by the Korea Sports Association. It is a space that provides life sports information. Tournament information is stuck in 2019. School sports club competition information was last October last year. The department in charge is not even aware of the stopped situation. The explanation is that “the takeover has not been carried out since Corona 19.” It is difficult to explain the organization in charge of sports affairs in Korea. Chairman Lee Ki-heung’s remarks at the opening ceremony of the festival, “I will reorganize the daily sports business,” are colorless. Recently, the Korea Sports Council replaced high-ranking positions such as the secretary general and director. This is why now is the right time to change the sport for life policy.

A sports information center site operated by the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled. (Korea Sports Association Sports Portal) It’s the same. The notice was final in August of last year. News and wellness life content has stopped since June 2018. The photo and video gallery has been suspended since January 2021, and the non-face-to-face bulletin board has been updated since December 2020. “I missed work. I will pay more attention in the future.” It’s also a lame excuse. After the coverage, only one notice was urgently updated. It seems to be for skin. The notice on the homepage of ‘The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the National Sports Promotion Corporation Sponsorship Site’ is colorless.

Political indifference is also the same. Members of the National Assembly who are in the midst of stamping their faces at the daily sports site. Sports for life policy is out of focus. There are only three proposals related to the promotion of sports for life in the 21st National Assembly with about a year left. all pending Life sportsmen are voters. Do you have a field like this? Face painting alone is not enough. The era of voting for one photo taken with a famous elite athlete is over. Showcase, no more. they are watching The general election is less than a year away.


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