pop! CU ‘Grenade Beer’ to drink with the cap open… Challenge Asahi

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Like a can of tuna, you can taste domestically produced canned beer by opening the lid at once.

Convenience store CU announced on the 12th that it released ‘Sudden Attack Fung Cream Ale’, a beer in collaboration with Nexon Games’ popular shooting game ‘Sudden Attack’. Like the ‘Asahi Super Dry Draft Beer Can토토사이트‘, which was released in limited quantities last month and caused a shortage, it is characterized by the opening of the entire lid of the can. CU explained that

while Asahi Draft Beer cans emphasized the visual element of bubbles coming up right after opening the lid, Sudden Attack Fung Cream Ale emphasized auditory fun. Shake the product up and down moderately and open the lid to hear a ‘pop’ sound. The sound level is 90 to 100 decibels ( dB ), similar to the sound of birthday fireworks. CU nicknamed it ‘grenade beer’ and designed the product package as a grenade. CU conducted product development with Platinum Beer, a first-generation craft beer manufacturer in Korea, for 1 year and 6 months. Platinum Beer has worked hard by inviting Italian engineers to equip related production facilities. CU introduced, “This is a charming beer with a fragrant yet smooth throat that uses special malt to harmonize the unique taste of beer with tropical hop flavor, rich carbonation and foam.” The alcohol content is 4.7% and the price is 3,500 won. It is offered at 11,000 won when purchasing 4 cans.

For processing reasons, only 150,000 cans were produced in limited quantities. After looking at customer reactions, we plan to consider additional production. With Asahi Draft Beer cans officially released next month, it remains to be seen how popular the ‘Grenade Beer’ will be.

Beer is a popular alcoholic drink, accounting for 60% of all liquor sales at convenience stores. Demand is particularly high in summer. Looking at the seasonal beer sales share of CU last year , the summer sales portion from June to August was the highest at 30.9%. It was followed by fall (September-November) at 23.8%, spring (March-May) at 23.0%, and winter (November-February) at 22.3%.

Lee Seung-taek , BGF Retail Liquor Task Force Team Leader, said, “Convenience store craft beer has been popular for its various flavors, but now we are focusing on elements that can be fun.” said.


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