“Park Geun-hye, only 20 grams of namul side dish” 20-year-old chef reveals presidential tastes

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Cheon Sang-hyun, a 20-year Cheong Wa Dae chef토토사이트, has revealed the stories behind the meals of past presidents. Cheon, the first Chinese chef at Cheong Wa Dae, joined the Blue House in 1998 under the late President Kim Dae-jung and was responsible for the meals of five presidents in 20 years, including President Moon Jae-in in 2018.

On KBS 2TV’s “Let’s Eat Together,” Chun said on March 23 that Kim was the biggest eater of all time. Although he gradually reduced the amount of food he ate over time, in the first two years of his presidency, he was said to have eaten as much as a judo athlete.

One of Kim’s favorite foods was uncooked sashimi. “If you taste it, black acid is just as good as the sashimi,” Chun said, adding, “The flesh of the fish tastes like injeolmi. It’s a real delicacy.”

Mr. Chun chose the late President Roh Moo-hyun as his favorite president. “Even though he was the president of a country, he felt like the uncle next door,” he said with tears in his eyes.

“He was always available whenever and wherever we asked him to be, without covering up,” he said, “and he always complimented his employees, saying, ‘It was so delicious today,’ or ‘Boil it again like this.

Former President Park Geun-hye was known as the “human scale” because she would report back to the staff with surprisingly accurate meal portions. “You’d think she’d be picky, but she wasn’t,” says Chun. “She was a simple person, and she only ate 20 grams of various vegetable side dishes. Even if we served him a lot of food, he would only eat 20 grams.”

Chef Cheon Sang-hyun of the Blue House. [Image source=Cheon’s Instagram].

Former President Lee Myung-bak used to eat soy sauce egg rice in a stone pot as a complementary meal when he had no appetite, and former President Moon Jae-in said that he and Roh had similar tastes and enjoyed eating makhoe and gukbap.


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