Parent cut off by teacher’s car in school parking lot…”They wrecked it and never apologized”

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A teacher reported that she was forced to scrap her car after a parent hit it while it was parked in the school parking lot, but she never received a single apology from the parent.

According to the online community Baobabdream on the 27th토토사이트, a post titled ‘A perfectly good car was scrapped’ was posted on the 21st.

“Two days ago (on the 19th), I received a call that my car was in an accident while parked in the school parking lot,” said A, who works as a teacher at the school.

According to A, a parent hit her car while it was parked in the school parking lot on the 19th. Parent B hit Teacher C’s Audi first, and the impact pushed it over and damaged his black car next to it.

The parent claimed sudden acceleration and was not in the car at the time of the accident, so personal injury compensation and settlement are not possible.

The center says that the repair cost exceeds the value of the car, so they have to pay for it themselves, and although the compensation for scrapping the car is 100% of the value, they have to pay at least 2 to 3 million won more to buy the same car with the same options.

A parent’s car (circled in yellow) rammed into another teacher’s Audi (center) in the school parking lot, damaging her car (circled in red) in the aftermath and forcing her to scrap it, according to a story posted on an online community.[Photo: Bobae Dream Galmuri]
The accompanying photo shows the offending vehicle, Ms. A’s black car, and her fellow teacher’s white Audi. Their cars were dented by the impact of the accident.

“My perfectly good car was destroyed overnight and I had to spend unplanned money to buy a new one,” A said. “It took over an hour to tow the car and clean up the scene, and I didn’t hear a single apology.”

“I don’t think an apology is required for insurance purposes, but it’s upsetting. I’m just glad the students weren’t hurt and I’m trying to move on.”


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