‘P2E legalization lobby’ battle launched by Kim Nam-guk

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The coin controversy surrounding Rep카지노사이트. Kim Nam-guk has spread to suspicions of political lobbying in the game industry. As WeMade, who was designated as the lobbying party, sued the Game Society, which raised the suspicion, a court battle was inevitable for this suspicion.

According to the game industry on the 18th, WeMade sued Wi Jeong-hyeon, president of the Korea Game Society the day before, for defamation by timely false information. On the 10th, the head of the society made a statement in the name of the society and said, “There have been rumors that P2E companies, associations, and organizations are lobbying the National Assembly for several years. took issue with what he claimed.

‘ P2E ‘ means ‘play to earn ‘ , and it means a game that can be obtained with virtual currency or NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as a reward . Wemix, which is known to have billions of won, is a virtual currency designed for P2E ecosystem integration, and WeMade is the issuer. However, P2E is currently illegal because the Game Industry Promotion Act prohibits the realization of goods obtained from games . Accordingly, the Game Society’s view is that the game industry, including WeMade, lobbied the political world for P2E legalization.

After allegations of political lobbying arose, WeMade immediately took a ‘groundless’ stance. On the 15th, WeMade CEO Jang Hyeon-guk said, “The reports to the effect that we illegally supported Wemix or provided internal information related to investment to members of the National Assembly are completely untrue.”


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